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Default Re: New Triumphs

Well, I see the kneejerk crowd is in full cry: it is ugy, crusiers suck, etc. Blah, blah, blah. There ain't no room in my garage for a cruiser either - at least none currently on the market. This big Trumpet looks kinda interesting - should be pretty straightforward for the customizers to give it a more vintage American look. In-line bike engines that run fore & aft are not exactly unknown in our heritage...and bike folks are a LOT more interested in heritage and retro looks than car folks - for the uninformed out there, retro has not done nearly as well in the car area as with bikes.

Now that cafe Bonnie..that is more like it for me! Just slap some bars on it that are roughly equivelent to R90S bars for a tad more comfort.

You know, I hope that both the 2.2L Triumph and the Honda Rune are big market successes, JUST to hose off my fellow MORONS. I'm already smiling!
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Default Re: New Triumphs

Triumph should offer the Rocket in two models.This one which would be like a custom and a retro one that looks like the old Indian Four.
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