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ValknMag 08-20-2003 07:43 AM

Re: New Triumphs
Okay, what I'm objecting to is your blanket statements of what "cruiser buyers want." I started on a Magna, and now I have a Valkyrie and CBR1100XX. Love the Valk for the power, the comfort, the back seat, and the fact that nothing else looks like it. Likely that all the same could be said for the Triumph. I saw a Rune in person, and it's a fascinating piece of machinery--and it's $27,000, and the entire production run is sold. Why can't the same thing happen at Triumph for $17,000? The Triumph doesn't do much for me, but in my mind I already have the ultimate cruiser. I asked if you owned a cruiser because I'm just sick of the sportbike guys painting cruiser riders with the Harley brush. I'm not bashing Harleys, I'm going after the "this is what everybody different from me thinks" crowd says. I'm in both camps now, and I'm pretty tired of "You slow emasculated cruiser guys" vs. "You squids in flipflops" arguments.

anrajala 08-20-2003 07:47 AM

Well this is BS
Right side ugly??? This proves one likes the mother, other likes the daughter. I just had to print the right side picture and hang it over my desk. Is this a bike or what.

Also VMAX getting weaker, well if you check, this babe won the power cruizer comparo incl. V-Rod, despite being old enough to marry witout parental permission.


roseman999 08-20-2003 08:00 AM

Re: New Triumphs
All opinions are about right on the new Rocket III. I don't much like the looks of the right side of the bike, but Triumph's aggressiveness with this one should be applauded. I kinda like the over-all look of it (if you stay on the left side of it) and would seriously consider buying one instead of waiting for BMW to play catch-up with all the other manufacters in the performance race (I ride a R1200C now). Still, $17k+ is a lot when you don't get bags, shield, ABS or really anything but a monster engine. Have to wait and see about final pricing and accessories.

sarnali 08-20-2003 08:04 AM

Re: New Triumphs
You're right, of course. If they're going to expand market share it's best to have a more diverse product line.

anrajala 08-20-2003 08:20 AM

Style?? HP?? This crap makes me weep
Even my mother knows that with the cruisers torque is the king.

And talking about torq, by golly if is true that the Rocket makes 90% of torque at 1800 rpm… hmmm… 2.5 times the torq of the my stock carb Fat Boy at this RPM point… well if I bolt on three (3) more cylinders I’ll get the same twist in my butt…


maxriderdon 08-20-2003 08:34 AM

Re: New Triumphs
You have me all wrong. I was responding to one who knows what "real cruisers" are supposed to look like, sound like, and what brand should be plastered all over everthing they own. See previous post in this thread.

Actually I agree with everything you said. Magna-nice bike, Valkyrie-awesome bike, CRB1100XX-I'm too old. All I am saying is that those looking at cruisers should not be limited to the stereotyped V-Twin. Choice is good. In my HO the V-twin is the worst choice for a power plant. I am not into it has to be some retro in vougue tough guy wannabee style.

Everytime something different comes out that group wines and complains about how it is different. "Can't be a real cruiser"

sarnali 08-20-2003 08:36 AM

Re: New Triumphs
I think you're right about the Brits not getting the cruiser thing. Their focus has always been sportbikes.

Other than Harleys it's pretty rare to see a "cruiser" over there at all. The whole laid back V-twin mile-eater is an American thing.

I don't think this looks TOO bad, and power wise it looks compettitive. It might be another case of looks better in person than in pictures. The proof will be how many people actually buy one.

anrajala 08-20-2003 08:40 AM

HD will not roll over and play dead
Prediction: HD will pretty soon come up with a big one. My guess is 2 litres in 2005.

Lets face it: the hog is increasingly looking like a beginners bike. I am surely not the only one who is looking forward to upgrade my current 88, and I am not talking about some pissy 10% this time. They have no choice.


longride 08-20-2003 09:07 AM

Re: New Triumphs
Maybe ya got somthin' there!

longride 08-20-2003 09:10 AM

Re: New Triumphs
Usually I have a "wait and see it in person" attitude, but I'm not sure I have to wait to judge this. The only good thing is, I have a Triumph dealer 4 blocks away and I may be able to weasel a test ride and report the results. Should be interesting either way.

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