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Default Re: New Triumphs

This Rocket III is gonna sell big. Finally a cruiser with serious balls. VMax looked like ***** (IMHO) and handled even worse but it sold because it went like hell (before it was neutered, that is). Once the performance buzz gets around this bike'll be a hard one to obtain. And even if it is shunned for looks, its performance numbers will ensure it'll be a collector's prize.

Frankly, though, I don't think it looks bad at all. Rear end looks good, as does the view forward. I like the lights. But I'll reserve final aesthetic judgement for an in-person viewing.
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Default Re: New Triumphs

As far back as I remember, the Big 4 have always tried to "outdo" one another in the same displacement and looks departments. As with the Rocket lll, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! I , for one, think it's a great looking bike and if you don't want one......Great!!! That's gives me a better chance to buy one!!!!!!
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Default Re: New Triumphs

this is a great example of why you will never win if the main reason you choose a bike is for the most hp / most torque.

who woulda thought... triumph?

in any case, i like the looks of the rocket 3, i think it does look different from the other cruisers.

owners of other cruisers (manufacturers will go unnamed) will whine and cry about how its so ugly and its such a POS, because they refuse to believe they might have bought a POS themselves. they want affirmation that their bike is the bestest bike in the whoooole wiiiiiide worllllldddd.

*cough* harley *cough*

hats off to triumph.

but personally, im interested in the cafe racer. i want my bruxton with performance unbaffled pipes and a custom red paint job. woo hoo!
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Default Re: New Triumphs

Check out and join the Rocket II group.



Santa Cruz, Ca
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Default Re: New Triumphs

Uh... are you trying to imply that the Rune won't sell? My understanding is that many (maybe all) are already sold. This cruiser actually appeals to me more than most currently on the market based on looks alone. I think they're just going for a different sense of style, which is a good thing because going after a segment ruled by Harley is just plain dumb.
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Default Re: Triumph Rocket III

Well I agree it's not completely ugly, but the right side of the engine is UGLY.. It looks like a car engine, and I don't mean because it isn't chrome, I mean because it looks like a hunk of metal ripped from a little Japanese car. The radiator is also pretty ugly.

I can dig the concept, and I hope they think a little more about styling. It's also at least a bit odd that the whole market is heading towards cruisers that go as fast as sport bikes, but still handle like cruisers. You'd think they would be afraid of killing off their market.. But you know it will probably be like all of the other giant cruisers, give it a couple of years and the HP / Torque Rot will set in, then everybody's safe again. Like someone said earlier, the VMAX was bad when it came out, and it has gotten a little weaker every year since, same goes or the Valkerie.
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Default Re: New Triumphs

I think Indian used to use inline multi-cylinder engines in the same configuration forty or fifty years ago and they looked about the same. So first of all, it was the Indian Motorcycle Corp that did this sort of thing, not the English.

-Musky the Secret Squirrel
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Default Re: New Triumphs

Nice concept, nice execution. BUT...at $17K and up, it's going to sit on the sales floor for a VERY long time. You'd have thought after Triumph just lowered the prices on many of their bikes, and they started selling again, they would have priced this one a bit less exclusively. Maybe I'm wrong...
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Default Re: New Triumphs

This Rocket is as ugly as the first BSA Rocket with the Buck Rogers exhaust pipe version. Looks like a Sunbeam gone bad. It took guts and I wish Triumph well. But that right side view could use some help.
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Default Re: New Triumphs

HP must be pretty important cause after getting the so called style most spend ungodly amounts of money and time trying to make slow a little faster and much louder. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder. Again.. since it's not a V-twin..since it does not follow that narrow set of rules Harley has everyone brainwashed into what is right and wrong as far as STYLE goes then it is labeled ugly. I for one am glad to see style getting stretched, it gives me more choice. I don't own a Valkyrie, but I think it is an awesome bike, style and certainly performance. V-twins are ok, but they suck performance wise. Some of us still have testosterone flowing in our blood and actually enjoy a real motor. Making a V-twin is the best way a mfg. can sucker the most total money out of the buyer, and that's why Harley loves you guys.
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