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sarnali2 06-27-2007 11:12 AM

New Chain and Sprockets
Just ordered some new JT steel sprockets and a Tsubaki Sigma chain for the Bandito from an Oregon-based supplier, they were competitive pricewise but the free shipping sealed the deal. I've dealt with them many times before, pretty stand-up outfit.

The original RK p.o.s. lasted 13k so far but it's buggered, adjustments every couple of hundred miles, red dust all over etc. The cool wet climate here tends to be easy on tires because of moderate road temps and hard on chains because of the wet sandy road spray.

I usually get 20 k minimum out of my chains by running about 1.5 in. unloaded freeplay and cleaning and lubing with PJ-1 clear every 500 miles or so. The previous owner of this one had used some kind of gray graphite spray that dried like flippin' concrete on there, it took two cans of Strafe Industrial degreaser and a can of penetrating oil, then going over each link with a pair of channel locks to free them up. I guess I'm lucky I got another 7 k out of the durn thing.

I'll report back when I get them on and tell yaz how smooth it runs ..

Kreb_Cycle 06-27-2007 11:53 AM

So how much did you spend total? I still haven't done it myself.

sarnali2 06-27-2007 12:25 PM

It was $210 total, $158 for the chain, $14.50 for the front and $38. for the rear sprockets. You can find them cheaper individually but they charge for shipping, these guys have free shipping and no tax so that's where you save.

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