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Default oil change gone bad

Hi everyone,

My lack of experience and luck resulted in a terrible damage to my bike. Today I went on to change the oil of my 2007 GS500F. I did my best to do a careful and clean job ... finished everything and started the bike. After a 10 seconds I noticed the cap of the oil filter was leaking. I turned the bike off and picked up my wrench to tighten the bolts. I knew I had to be gentle with bolts. So, I tightened 2 out of 3 and just as I was going to stop tightening the last one, the screw broke and the bolt and part of the screw came off.
I'm just hoping I haven't trashed my bike because of such a small piece.

Is there a way of fixing this? I looked for pictures of the engine online but didn't find the part that I needed. I'm wondering if the screw is screwed into the engine or if it's attached. Does anyone have any experience with this?



Sorry about posting this without doing enough research.
Snapped oil filter cap stud - quick fix
they show how to fix the problem.
Apparently I'm one of the many idiots who over tighten the bolts.

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Invest in an inch-pound (lb-in) torque-wrench. Then torque those tiny bolts to spec from now on.

Harbor Freight has an acceptable 1/4"-drive unit for the occasional home-user, for under $30.
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Since you used bolts I imagine they just screw into the aluminum block.

Don't panic. You can probably get the old broken screw out with an easy-out. If worse comes to worst you can drill the entire hole and install a heli-coil.

I assume you have a canister filter, so when you change it be sure to replace the o-rings along with the filter. Make sure the mating surfaces are clean and not pitted. A coating of Gascasinch on the surfaces with help seal them and the Gascasinch doesn't dry out and get hard like other gasket glues.

Another handy trick for oil changes is to replace the aluminum crush washer on the drain bolt with a copper washer. The copper washer doesn't have to be replaced each time.
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Thanks guys! I appreciate the ideas you shared.

I'm guessing the whole thing happened because the new o ring was slightly deformed in the packaging and didn't quite sit in its slot .. and
and maybe jumped out of it for a second and prevented the cap from getting snugly tight as I was tightening the bolts back on ...
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