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Default Suzuki 2007 C90 wiring problem

Hi all, my first post.

My problem - I was wiring up my new passenger trunk (Matazu VIP). I metered the wires and missed the B/W wire has the ground. Anyway, the signal lights work (left and right). The warning flasher lights work.

When I closed the front brake lever the rear tailight turned off and now I have no rear running tailight and no rear brake light. Flashers work OK.

When I put the ingintion in the P (park) position I sitll don't get no running tailight. But the front brake lever will light up the rear tailight. The foot brake lever will not.

I do have positive 12volt power on the grey wire at the rear harness plug and also 12volt power on the white and black wire.

Five wires in total going to the rear lighting

Green - Signal light
Black - signal light
Black and white - ground

All hooked up and working properly

Two wires remaining are;

White and Black - I am thinking this one is the front and rear brake light. There is a 12volt power on this wire when the ignition is turne on. I don't think that should be!!

Grey - I am thinking this is the running light for the rear tailight. It also has a 12volt power when the ignition is turned to on.

I have replaced my rear tail light bulb. It does work when I put the ignition in park. But won't work when the ignition is turned to on. I still don't have any rear running light or brake light. The marker lights work fine.

I checked my fuse box. I have one 10A fuse showing no power. Looking down at the fuse box on the right side of the bike, it is the last one on the right side inward. Replaced it and still not power going to this fuse.

I have pulled my FE249JR RELAY. I am going to replace it, but I don't think that is the problem. This relay is for the turn signals, or at least that is all the literature I can find so far.

I am puzzled because - 1. why do I get 12 volt power when the ignition is turned on for the Grey wire (running light - I assume, which would be correct), and also the White white and black wire (brake wire).

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.

Now, I did have a wiring issue and hooked up the ground wire on the bike to a brake wire on the VIP trunk. I later fixed that and have it connected to ground wire on the VIP trunk.

This is what caused me the problem.

I know this might sound confusing, but any help in checking out some areas would be appreciated. I just hope the ECM is good. No fuses where blown in the fuse box. Just no power to one and that don't make sense. I checked the wiring diargram and it goes to a auxillary power source, so I don't think that is an issue.

Is there brake fuses somewhere? Or could it be brake switches, but the darn thing works when the ignition is in Park. It might me the ignition, I am lost.

Thanks for any help
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Default Problem Fixed

Hi all, solved it today.

Broken / frayed wire in the rear tailight housing. It was the ground wire. I metered the wires again this morning and determined this ground was not working porperly at the rear tailight/brake light housing. I had to remove the housing completely right down to the socket before the ground wire came away from the factory connection.

Redone the wiring with better wires and all is back to normal.

I also had to redo two wires in LED controller module for the new VIP trunk. Two wires where not soldered completely and came loose on the circuit board.

Anyway, back to normal and bike is almost reassembled, LOL.

Beer/Drink time.
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Good catch. 12V systems will do really weird things sometimes when there's a missing ground.
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