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Default problems blowing fuses

hello i have an 85 suzuki gs700 and i keep on blowing the turn signal fuse every time i ride after riding for a few minutes the control panel and the rear light and blinkers start blinking on and off then the entire control panel rear light and turn signals all go out and i check the fuse and its blown again. i have fallowed the wiring all the way down the bike and dont see anywhere that the wires are touching or touching metal. has anyone else had this problem or know whats going on cause i dont want to have to get rid of my bike over blown fuses but it does it every time i ride.
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Originally Posted by The_AirHawk View Post
It might be in the ancilliary harness of the signal-lights, might be actually inside a signal itself.
I said basically the same thing in the other forum where you posted this story; no need to repeat it here.

Hawk covered it pretty good !
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Whatever you do, don't use a .22LR bullet as a fuse!

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Originally Posted by pushrod View Post
Whatever you do, don't use a .22LR bullet as a fuse!

That's ridiculous. Just take a nub of 18 guage wire and use it to jumper the fuse. That's all there is to it!
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