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Default potentially buying a 1990 katana 600. need advice.

I am looking at a katana 600 tomorrow. Its a 1990 and has 11k miles. I was wondering if i should be sceptical about buying a bike that is that old to begin with and what issues there may have with it? like common problems or just things i should be wiery about just from age. I need a reliable bike thats not going to cause me alot of problems.

Any feedback would be great. thanks. and asap too cause im going tomorrow night to look and wana make an offer if its going to be worth it.
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Where are you located, and what's the price of the bike? Is it stock, or does it have mods, and what are they? Is this your first bike? Have you taken the MSF BRC (or its equivalent)? Questions, questions.
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nj, its stock, this is my first road bike, ive had alot of experience on quads and dirtbikes though. and my dad has a bike i have rode around a little. and no haven't taken the course.
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Sounds like you've got a pretty-good start. You should still take the BRC; it's not a "wussy" thing - it's a "OMG I didn't realize that, it might save my Life" thing.

So far as the bike - the engines are essentially Rocks - you can't damage 'em with a hammer, so long as the oil-changes have been kept up. IIRC the transmissions have a typical 2nd-gear-popout issue if they've been abused (you'll know as soon as you ride it). If it jumps out on the 1-2 upshift, walk away. Transmission repairs can easily triple the amount you put-into the bike.

Otherwise, look for any other typical problems - chain wear, tires, forks and shock leaking oil, brake-pad wear (and brake function!), being a sportbike you should check the headstock-bearings for looseness and action, and inspect the welds around it for cracks (all signs of excessive wheelies and abuse). Cracks in the welds? Walk away. "Rough" bearing action? If you think you can replace 'em, talk him down.

Look at and feel the oil after your test-ride, these are air/oil-cooled bikes, so condition of the oil is extremely important. Look carefully inside the oil-filler with a strong flashlight, and at the sightglass (if its got one - mem'ry here) for crud and sludge buildup. Signs point to two oil-changes since '90? Walk away.

Title: if it's not clean and valid (and essentially "in hand" of the seller), walk away.

KBB sez value is $910 to $1425, in "Good to Excellent" condition. You be the judge.
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