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Default c90t

I have an 06 C90T; engine will miss fire and will sometimes stall when taking off from red light. Also at street speeds after deceleration and starting to roll on throttle it will cough or miss fire. It currently has about 4,000 miles on it and I just changed the plugs and have run injector cleaner through it a couple of times.
Does anybody have any ideas?
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Fuel filter clogged? Is it stock? Does it have a loud pipe and an aftermarket air cleaner? Is this a new problem or has the bike been that way since you bought it?
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Once at highway speeds it will run with the best of them. The bike is total stock. I just got back from a trip from the southwest. At altitudes 5000+ if you stopped to refuel or just stop to rest and do a hot restart it would stumble and miss fire and generally stall when taking off. Once on the highway and at speed it would run vey good. Since I have returned home the missing firing has gotten worse. The only difference is that is does not act cold blooded after a hot restart.
Thanks for your response. Do you know if the bike due having a processor has self diagnosis that a dealer could detect on their equipment.
Thanks again
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What kind of plugs did you put back in it? (i.e. you didn't put those snakeoil-gimmick plugs like "Splitfires" or some crap in it)

You're for-certain you didn't put a colder plug in there, yes?
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I have a '05 C90 with the same issue. Put new plugs in and cures the problem. Trouble is new plugs only last about 600 mi. and I'm back to the hesitation/missing again. Only does it when the bike is fully warmed. Has K&N air filter, V&H drag pipes, Bully fuel processer.
When plugs are pulled, both electrodes are clean and insulator has a little white ash, but the very bottom of plug (start of threads) has black cabon deposits. Also I'm using NGK DPR7-9EA plugs that are recommended for this bike
Thanks for any and all help!

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