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Talking Need some help with suspension for '93 Suzuki GSF 400 Bandit

Hey all, i've tried searching but didn't come up with anything good so I decided to ask and see if anyone has any experience in suspension swaps between different model suzuki's.

I havea '93 GSF bandit which has 24k miles and I believe the forks/rear shock has never been replaced/rebuilt. So i'm getting the parts i need to rebuild the front forks soon and was wondering what to do about the rear shock.

I believe I can fit a same year 93 GSXR 400 rear shock onto mine, but knowing it's from the same year, I couldn't see it being any better condition used... I don't want to buy new cause it's going to cost over 400 bucks, which i only paid 900 bucks for the bike..

i'm only planning on riding this bike for this season and maybe the beginning of the next season until i get a GSXR600, but I think it'll be a good idea to get the suspension swapped to renew this bike before I sell it to my friend...

So basically i'm trying to see if anyone knows what later model GS/GSF/GSX rear shock would fit my bandit...

thanks in advance....
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First, Bikebandit says a complete new rear damper is still available for $413.57. That may be your best option.

Works Performance lists shocks from $415 to $795, depending on options, construction and features. This may be your best best if you are riding the bike hard.

I would suggest getting a cheap 600 Bandit (much more popular bike) shock from Ebay and seeing if that will work, but I see from WP's chart that it's .25" shorter. No easy swaps there. In fact, the chart shows that very few bikes have the exact same eye-to-eye length (12.00") as your bike.

Race Tech doesn't sell any parts for the shock, so that tells me it's not rebuildable. They do, however, also offer a custom built shock, like WP, but they do not list a price. It's probably higher than WP.

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Originally Posted by pplassm View Post
First, Bikebandit says a complete new rear damper is still available for $413.57. That may be your best option.
Nope. I can just about guarantee that a brand-new one is as big a piece of Poo as the one that's on there. I'd go with the WP or try to find a used Penske or RaceTech on fleabay.

Good Luck with your search.

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If you're only going to ride the bike for the rest of this season, why f' with at all? I'd put gas in it, maybe some oil if it gets really noisy.
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