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Originally Posted by tmac0033 View Post
Sorry, I thought I was on the "adult" forum
No, this is the Prostate Forum. The "adult" forum is three clicks to the right.
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Originally Posted by tmac0033 View Post
The C90 manual says you should shift at 12, 19, 25 and 31 mph. Does anybody actually follow these guidelines?
I'm on my 3d Intruder 1400/Boulevard S83 and never had transmission problems. It's owners' manual says 12, 19, 25 and 31 mph too, but I've always found those shifting numbers to be rediculous. They seem more like minimum speeds for shifting, but are even low for that.

This is the schedule I use:

1>2, 15-20
2>3, 35
3>4, 45
4>5, 55-65

For best acceleration when passing with a broken in engine, I run 3d gear up to about 60 and 4th up to 75. This past summer I put 11,500 miles on my S83 riding around the West and those gear levels served me well (see this link reno forums - craigslist ).
2007 Suzuki Boulevard S83 (1360 cc) - third Intruder in 18 years

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Me, too. Almost exactly the same
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Originally Posted by tmac0033 View Post
You might not be TRYING to be a "dyck" but you're doing a pretty good job of it. It must come effortlessly.

Who cares how you ride?

Let somebody else answer the question if you don't know the answer, and stop telling everybody what a great guy you are. Dude, nobody cares.
Slow down there pal, Iam trying to teach you how to shift. Since you have bought 1500cc and dont know how yet, I figured I'd help out but since your really wanting my honest repley I'll explain it a bit better.

Feeling the engines resistance will tell you how much rpms you have left to go in that gear. Once you know what each gears highest Rpm is you can back it up and shift there. Who has time to look at the speedo everytime you shift. Guess you could but you could also be looking to avoid that next car its up to you.

When have I told anyone how great I am? Dont be a douch, its an answer on the net if you dont like a wide variety of answers dont ask! For criss sakes your on a 1500cc and you dont know how to shift properly. Go read your book and maybe that will tech you how to ride too.

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