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Default Suzuki Boulevard - Clutch issue

I just purchased a 2007 Boulevard 800 as my first bike. I drove it home from being stored all winter and put it in my garage. When I started it a couple days ago I did so while it was in gear with the clutch in and the bike moved ahead slightly like the clutch was partially engaged. Today when I started it in neutral I pulled in the clutch and put the bike it 1st and it stalled. I can no longer start the bike in gear. The clutch lever is no longer engaging the clutch, though the cable is being pulled by the lever...where should I start? Thanks in advance for the help.
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The oil has drained out from between the clutch plates, and they're sticking together a bit. Start it in neutral, let it warm a bit, then holding the hand brake and clutch in, with a finger on the killswitch, (carefully!) put it in gear. The bike may lurch forward a bit, but the clutch should free-up no problem. If not, Be Ready to kill it before it gets-away from you. It may take a time or two, or it may be OK the first time you do this.

The Wife had an EX500 that did this every time you didn't ride the bike for a few days.
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Thanks Air Hawk. I warmed up the bike...did what you suggested several times but the problem is not fixed. I am still open to suggestions! Thanks
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The Clutch cable has an adjustment right at the hand lever underneath the rubber boot. Try tightning it closer to the handle. "IF" it is out of adjustment, the clutch might not fully disengage when the lever is pulled right to the handlebar.
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I hear more of a grinding noise shifting up in this bike than I have in previous ones. Seems more prevalent when hot. The fluid levels are good.

Does that sound like a cable adjustment issue too?
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You're going to need to soak those clutch plates. Prepare a 3% sodium chloride/water solution in an 8qt. container. Dismantle the clutch and soak the plates in the solution for 36 hours. Reassemble the clutch. Discard the motorcycle.
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