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Default 99 Intruder 1400 rear rotor warping at 100 mi

I started having to add fluid to the rear reservoir every time I rode the bike. Nothing is ever wet anywhere so I don't know where the fluid is going. Finally, I notice the rear rotor bowl-shaped and I replaced the rotor and pads, bled and still having to add fluid every 30 miles. In less than 100 miles on new rotor, it is now also warped, BUT it warped in the opposite direction. What the heck is going on here? I can't afford to keep buying expensive parts. I need the solution to this issue and have searched 100's of links on the net to no avail. Any help greatly appreciated.
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First, take the bike around the block a few times and don't use the rear brake. When you come back touch it quickly with your finger.Does it feel hot to the touch? I say quickly because it could be REALLY hot. If it does feel hot wihout using the brake even once, the brakes are dragging and you need to rebuild the caliper so the brake pistons retract properly. That would be the main cause for warpage. The disk gets hotter than hell and warps, even though you don't use it because the brakes drag. Why you need to add brake fluid is strange. It must be leaking, or you never properly bled the lines. Rebuild the caliper and replace the disk again. All should be well.
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