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NickdaBrick 10-09-2001 07:50 AM

Re: What we really need. . . (and what I would actually buy)
Thanks, Henrik. The Voxan looks like a great bike. Unfortunately, it is highly unlikely that it will come to the United States.

greatoldbikes 10-09-2001 08:19 AM

More Great Names From Suzuki
What in the heck is a "V-Strom"? I thought MO was suffering from a strong case of dyslexia. Isn't it supposed to be the "V-Storm"? Guess not. Not totally unexpected from the company that brought us the Hayabusa. Maybe Strom Thrumond will buy one.


TatdNPrcd 10-09-2001 08:53 AM

Re: New Suzuki V-Strom coming to America
lol. You're a big fan of this bike aren't you DryFly? :) Strom??? Agreed... stupid name. BSKXL??? Now that works for this market. If it just weren't so ugly. At least the new Ducati Multistrada shows off her engine. Still ugly as hell but a nice set of jugs.


"Cages are for Hampsters!"

TatdNPrcd 10-09-2001 08:58 AM

Re: New Suzuki V-Strom coming to America
Just like the 2002 VFR. High, under seat cans and hard case bags as a factory option.

starvingstudent 10-09-2001 09:12 AM

My theory on the name
The V-prefix is a reference to the V-Raptor, and the "strom" is a reference to German motorcycles. If you mate a V-Raptor and an R1150GS, you'd get something like the V-Strom.

As for the foreign name, that I don't find wierd myself. After all, we've had Hayabusas and Tetrastrettas and R1150GSs (GS are the initials of the term "dual-sport" in German). What baffles me is why a Japanese company would give a German name to a bike which is to be sold in the UK and USA.

starvingstudent 10-09-2001 09:17 AM

Retro scrambler
How about fitting high pipes on a W650? My father's W really has great composure on washboard dirt roads and such, but is also nice for the street. Don't know if anyone makes such an exhaust, but it will do everything the CL did, and do it better.

aminalmutha 10-09-2001 09:18 AM

Re: extra $300
See GSX-R600 MSRP is $7,999; GSX-R600M MSRP is $8,249. So, it's actually only $250 more for the special pain.

TatdNPrcd 10-09-2001 09:24 AM

Re: New Suzuki V-Strom coming to America
Why trade the Tiger??? Just curious. That Triumph Triple is a honey and the Tiger already looks grrreat! (sorry) :)

Dryfly 10-09-2001 09:28 AM

Re: New Suzuki V-Strom coming to America
I tend to like the jugs featured on the web site you listed. Where can I buy a set of those for one of my other hobbies!!

aminalmutha 10-09-2001 09:43 AM

Re: extra $300
Oops... I meant special paint. Although you might have some extra special pain if the local fuzz sees you riding one. They'd definitely keep a close eye on you.

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