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Lateshow321 11-03-2001 09:28 AM

TL1000S, SV1000, V-Strom, and Suzuki
You are all right!!!! When has that ever happened??? I rode my first V-Twin sporbike when Ducati showed up at a Classic racing series. I rode the 900 SS ST2 and the 916 ( it was thre years ago). I sold MY Behemoth Pig of a Bike CB1000 and jumped aboard an SV650. Being older, and thus needing a more comfortable riding position, and not wanting a Ducati for maintenance and reliability issues, I bought the only standard V-Twin available. I liked the power of the TL1000S and the Superhawk but couldn't sit that way for more than an hour without sore wrists and back (i have 34 inch sleeve and have to reach farther than some, to the bars). I love to ride for hours and hours when I get the chance so the true sportbike riding positions were not even remotely possible.

I, like many others I've met, thought that Suzuki would take the aging TL1000 S, that wasn't selling, and give us an SV1000. What is their problem??? With all the SV650s out there, you would think that they would get a clue and give them a bike to move up to. The easy, tractible and broad powerband of the V-Twin lends itself greatly to wonderful ridability for the standard motorcycle. The big four don't seem to understand what makes a good standard.

They only have one recipe, "lop off half the power of a sportbike, put it together in a low tech chasis, 550 lbs. min weight, and give it a retro look". (see CB1000 )

The Honda 919 - should have an RC51 motor in it

Suzuki SV1000 - too easy

Kwaker and Yami need to get on board

Does anybody realize that a few years ago Aprillia used to make scooters...exclusively??? Now they are a real player in WSB!!!!!! Now they put their awesome V-Twin motor in an ST, and here's my point. Many of us don't want an Italian bike for a number of reasons. Come on Japan...pull your heads out and build us V-Twin Naked Holligan Machines

Lateshow321 11-03-2001 09:57 AM

Hey lil BigGit..They don't know what makes a great standard!
Please watch the movie Ferris Beuhler again and you'll see the humor..

Honda there any other bike that screams vanilla ice cream so loudly?????

If they wanted the exhaust under the seat, they should have given it a four-into-one "Stinger" that wouldn't burn legs or bags...or scream 600 hornet for sale in Europe for YEARS!!!!!!!

If you look at the tail section, you will see that those who choose to "loose" the twin underseat exhausts, will be left with a hideous looking peice.

AND How about flat black as the only color option???? I guess its better than Honda Red

Now how about the engine...they grabbed the 919 motor when the 929 motor was sitting right THERE!!!

When it doesn't sell great they will assume ( AGAIN) that we Americans really don't want standards at all...when in fact, WE DO!!!!

Let me explain:

Aging demographic, that grew up with UJMs (ask your dad), want comforable riding position (see dirt trakers or BMWs), performance, light weight, tight chasis and forks.

We want the motor that will allow us to blaze past the 17 year old squids on repli-racers, and be able to cut a tight line throught the twisties.

So here is the list:

370 - 420 lbs maximum weight

120 - 150 H.P

V-Twin liter motor, or 1000 cc inline four NOT DE-TUNED!!!!

Sit up riding position (see Speed Triple)

Some Styling ( see Suzuki Boost King )

Its just that simple...everything is right there in the parts bin...just weld up a frame and Voila!!!! The problem is that there are too many decision makers in the board room. By the time they can all agree on anything it has become so bland as to be unrecognizeable to the original thought!!

OK I'm done for now...happy trails to you and your brother

BigGit 11-04-2001 12:04 PM

Re: TL1000S, SV1000, V-Strom, and Suzuki
Hm.. unless the ZX-11 and the YZF-R1 only had 30 hp each, I don't think they "lopped off half the power of a sportbike" to get the engines for the ZRX-1100 and FZ-1 respectively. The ZRX-1100 already had respectable power before it was given 100 more cc and even more power (and low-midrange TORQUE, which is why these engines are RE-tuned...)

It is HONDA which is the last to join the super-standard race with the 919. Suzuki started the ball rolling with the Bandit 1200, Kawasaki stirred the pot with the ELR-mimicking ZRX-1100 (now 1200), Yamaha jouned in with the FZ-1 and Honda is playing catch-up with the 919.

Lastly, as you have said, Aprilia is not a traditional Italian company. Their development is somewhat like Honda's: tiddlers first (scooters in this case), then racing victories, then big bikes. Maybe they got the quality part right too? Or has Aprilia already started to show typical Guzzi/Ducati lack of manufacturer support & parts availability?

hanley 11-04-2001 05:05 PM

Re: SV1000
my b-12 will out-torque just about any v-twin, pummelling my sv... sv may be a better bike though.

Lateshow321 11-06-2001 10:22 AM

I disagree..STs are gaining popularity as.....
I disagree..STs are gaining popularity as motorcyclists grow older and want more comfort. See Cycle World December issue for a quick look at the offerings for us . If Yamaha brings it here next year, which I think they will, they will have a top three seller in the Sport/Touring market.

Here's another idea for Suzuki: Build an ST, with the emphasis on "Sport", around the Mighty Hayabusa Motor.

Trade 20 H.P. for an even greater mid-range punch, also getting BETTER reliability and longevity.

Keep the chain, just add an "auto-oiler" system.

Adjustable ergos, seat, bars, windscreen etc.

Hard bags as an option

add no more than 50 lbs. (if you've riden the mighty Hayabusa you know that the motor could handle a little more weight, and an ST needs some comfort items).

Kick ass paint and no stupid name...Please

It would give a similar riding impression to the Mighty Hayabusa, but be more comfortable and cheaper to insure!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you say Halleluhyahh!!!!!!

This would be "THE" S/T and a best seller for sure...and they could tell Honda to stick their frumpy ST1300 right in the dirt-muscle!!!!

Come on Suzuki

Lateshow321 11-06-2001 10:37 AM

Busa bashers??? Loosers!!!!
If you have riden the Mighty Hayabusa, you would not bash it. Although its styling leaves some cold or confused (I was when I first saw it), the look delivers smooth and stable riding behind the curtain of calm air. I spent alot of time looking at and riding a friends Busa and fell in love with it!!! From the right side angle the front end looks like a great white shark...Awesome

Now we come to the motor plopped right into a naked platform called the Boost King.. BUILD IT NOW!!!!!!!!!

Also see my above coments on a Busa powered ST that I think would be a huge sales success.

Many happy miles to all MC riders!!!


Lateshow321 11-06-2001 10:54 AM

V-Strom and/or BMW R1150GS
I have never given this kind of bike much of a chance. It looks as though this bike category may be starting to take hold here, only time will tell.

Here's the strange thing, everytime I read an artilce on the R1150GS, they can't stop talking about how great of a bike it is for all kinds of riding. It just doesn't "look" like a bike that would be that much fun for spirited street touring because of the long travel suspension. I just imagine it being smushy in corners.

I have grown to love Suzukis, and so think that the TL1000 motor in just about anything would be great. The bodywork of the V-Strom doesn't in any way connect with my tatses. The name is rediculous. I don't have any idea if it will sell here. I do think there are many who would not pay for the BMW and would try the DL1000.

I wish them luck...and for those who buy it, I predict that the stickers will come off.

Lateshow321 11-06-2001 11:07 AM

Look for single "Stinger" canister...
Look for single "Stinger" canister to replace the stock exhaust system on V-Strom and Honda's 919

Lockhart Phillips or someone else will have a tail conversion kit to go with a Two into One performance exhaust system. By spring, you'll all have more choices for these bikes.

If not, you can keep both of these bikes. After all not too many throw soft bags over their 996 or 916, but many would like to on an adventure bike or a naked holligan machine.

Many happy miles to all MC riders!!!!


BigGit 11-09-2001 11:25 PM

Re: Please note...
...that this request for Suzuki to build the Boost King ASAP is coming from the guy who repeatedly stated that we don't need any more inline-4 naked bikes...

BigGit 11-09-2001 11:27 PM

Re: For Suzuki to build the ST you describe... will first have to decide to start building touring bikes again.

How many out-of-the-box touring bikes, sport or otherwise, does Suzuki sell in the USA today? In nice round numbers: 0.

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