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RobGixxer750 01-24-2001 03:23 AM

The real issue here
The real issue here is the fact that you are apparently a big Miami Vice fan.


Shaft 01-24-2001 05:21 AM

Re: Street Test: GSX-R1000
You're weird.

stevegrab 01-24-2001 07:02 AM

Re: Street Test: GSX-R1000
Was Senna talking about racing? Or just driving a car, or riding a motorcycle in public?

I think maybe you're pushing the envelope too much if you look at it that way. Sounds like you wouldn't ride if there was no risk. Why is that? Do you ride because of the risk, to prove that you aren't afraid?

Me, I'd ride even if there was no risk. Imagine being able to ride your bike as hard as you wanted, not worrying about all the stupid things that can happen. Even better than riding on the track, even less risk.

PS How much does somebody spend to go through that progression you mention. Sounds pretty expensive to me.

DRAGtheGIXXER 01-24-2001 07:10 AM

Re: It doth not bode well!
Well said Tyler,if you can't ride it then don't buy it! If you can ride it then ride it silly till your hearts content. And for those of you that can only use 25% of a bikes ability,please get off the road for yours and my own well being seeing as you can only stop 25% of the time. There are plenty of places that you can put your bike through it's paces. Just be smart about.

DRAGtheGIXXER 01-24-2001 07:23 AM

Re: Street Test: GSX-R1000
That is very,very funny RRocket. What year did the FZR400 come out? Actually,I did read some very good articles on the bike and its cornering ability is still something to be desired. That would be great if you were going around the world to the right. Maybe someday if your on my turf or even if I'm on yours,I'll be glad to show you the tailight of my NEW Gixxer from a distance. CCCC'ya.

Guy 01-24-2001 10:01 AM

Re: Street Test: GSX-R1000
To respond.....I know you'll find a deal on a bent up 1000. Hopefully it won't kill you from unforseen damage.

I disagree on the twins.....You must not be very old, at one point in time twin cylinders was about all you could get. and the 996r is hardley a girlie bike. I ran my TLR on the track for two years....without any problems. It made about 130 rwhp and 80 ft lbs of torque...again not much of a girlie bike either....Cross country riding???? is there anything better than a Bemmer? OK a VFR.

And yes the track is a safer place to ride guys are not going fast enough to even get right amount heat in the tires on the street! And yes crashes do happen on the track too....I can't deny that. I just like to know the surface is clean to go fast.....and I can stand it up and have some run-off just in case.

Thanks for the reply

sprintrdr 01-24-2001 01:01 PM

Re: Street Test: GSX-R1000
I think the guy's got a point regarding the fzr400 vs the gsxr1000. With two average street riders on a nice tight road, I've got to think that the 400 would have the advantage. At full lean in 2nd gear corners, the Gsxr rider is going to have to be very careful with the throttle. Meanwhile the guy on the slick little 400 is feeling confident and has the throttle cracked open early and hard. Substitute faster corners or better riders, and the edge would clearly go to the GSXR1000.

abhorred 01-24-2001 01:23 PM

Re: Street Test: GSX-R1000
ummm. read the first response to my post, it was appropriate and illustrates the reader's comprehension of my message. I don't get your response, unless you didn't mean to reply to my post. Also, I targeted R1 morons not R1 owners in general. And, by the way, $10,000 is a budget bike in my collection ;)

hamatsu 01-25-2001 04:24 AM

Re: Street Test: GSX-R1000
The only thing that sucks here is your momma. Go ahead and ask your daddy, he'll tell you all about it. I actually think the best part of you ran down your momma's chin you moron !!

SuperSpud 01-25-2001 04:52 AM

Beginners shouldn't start on the street
To tell you the truth, I believe newbies should start in the dirt, not on the tarmack where you can shave off 3/4 of you body mass in a good 30 yard lowside. Besides dirt bikes force you to develop at least decent handling skills before attempting to apex that sweeping left hander at a buck twenty right into the back end of a semi, or missing completely and ending up taking a short jaunt through the wilderness after leaving your bike entangled in the gaurd rail. You've got to learn to crawl before you can sprint.

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