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FloridaSteve 10-25-2004 04:45 AM

Hey MO!!
You guys seem to be getting a little lazy out there. I hope you're just using this stuff as filler while you work on some reeeeeaaaly good stuff for us. Otherwise it looks like you're all on vacation and just mailing it in.

From a paying subscriber.

jungkvist 10-25-2004 05:07 AM

Re: New SV1000 coming to America
Okay, here's the deal. First: From what I read, there was no specific, mention of the Naked SV being discontinued here, so I wrongly, assumed that the Naked was not mentioned, to save space. It never entered my mind that Suzuki would do such a thing. That was hubris, on my part, and I apologize. In my mind (or what passes for it, these days) the Standard SV, for reasons IÂ’ll get into later, has always been the way to go. Second: As for the minor tweaks, they are mostly related to engine internals, and I am happy about that.

IÂ’ve always seen the naked SV as a near-perfect place to start. ItÂ’s a comfortable, reasonably priced, V-twin (love that) with nice power, good torque and a huge after market. Given a not too badly abused Credit Card, and some mechanical skills, a guy, or girl (sorry ladies) can do wonders with it. In my eyes, what could be better? While the SV650 (owned one) lacked a real suspension, it had character to burn and was tons of fun. On the other hand, the SV1000 had a real suspension, lacked character, and wasnÂ’t nearly as much fun, as I had hoped. Silly me! I assumed Suzuki would be aiming for Tuono-Land, and not the Kingdom of Who Cares.

Still, call it hubris, wishful thinking, blind devotion or moral equivocation, I thought that (on a Naked SV1000) what up-grades there are were put where they belonged. As for the rest, that would be between Master Card and me.

CanÂ’t blame you, for the confusion; IÂ’d have felt the same. As a rule, IÂ’m more skeptical, if not cynical, about such things: but, it seems my hopefulness got the better of me (shouldÂ’a known). WonÂ’t happen again; least I hope not (there I go, being hopeful, again (Who knew?).

jungkvist 10-25-2004 06:59 AM

Re: Hey MO!!
Hey Steve: No need to blame the Mo Staff.

I'm a subscriber, not a columnist, at least, not for MO. To be honest, I pretty much knew that what I wrote would stir things up. But, having done column work before, that's half the fun. Besides, being an avowed, V-twin/SV nut, I was happy to see that the SV was getting fixed up; and, in my happines, an haste I overstated things.

I'm just a guy with a job, and a passion for motorcycles. If I knew anyone was going to assume I worked for MO, I'd have researched more, or kept my mouth shut, altogther (oops!).

Consequently, I went off half-****ed. Sorry, to you and MO, for any confusion. And, as I have stated elsewhere, it won't happen again.

I don't mind exposing myself to criticism, to get the ball rolling; but, it's entirely another-thing, to drag someone else's reputation, unbidden. into the frey. I'm sure the MO staff has enough on their minds, without my adding to things.

It was nice, however, to watch the responses as they came in. Almost, every response was valid and well reasoned. To every one: Good on ya! And, thanks!

FloridaSteve 10-25-2004 07:20 AM

Re: Hey MO!!
Nothing on you at all. I've actually sent in links to local stories here in my home town that were featured and caused a ton of response. A local story on a gated community that I linked to a year or so ago was a lively hit.

My criticism is that there seems to be quite a bit of filler and reader provided content leading the way on here lately. Don't get me wrong. I think reader involvment is what makes this site. I'm just a little bit surprised at what "seems" to be (rightly or wrongly) the waning MO provided content. Just trying to keep them on their toes. There are plenty of free places we can go and discuss motorcycles. We (most of us) are paying for the content here.

I guess I'm just doing the equivalent of filling out the "reader comment card".

By the way I love the big (naked) SV. If I didn't already own a Speed Triple, I'd buy one.

jungkvist 10-25-2004 10:59 AM

Re: Hey MO!!
Yeah, great point! I can definitely see why youÂ’d think that way.

Having been on both sides, however, my guess is that MO gets tons of submissions, every month. So, considering that this is a readerÂ’s forum, and that some guys (Pick me! Pick me!) are more than willing to shoot their mouths off, MO lets them?

Oddly enough, going through, reading, then picking a piece, probably takes more time than it would to write something themselves. Believe me, compared to editing, writingÂ’s a joy!

Wanna meet someone with a thick skin; talk to an editor. Wanna talk to someone with a thin skin; talk to a writer. Put ‘em together and you get, "Since this is a reader’s forum; why not let them stick their feet in their mouths, and make some guys (who think they can write) happy?" Anyway, (Oh, Damn! Here we go again!) that’s how I figure it.

Hey, by the way, cool bike, the Speed Triple. Living here, in Podunk, don't get to see many of 'em. The ones I have seen, sounded awesome (better than a Duc). Headlights are a bit funky looking (Well! I should think, so! It is, after all, British; what?) but I love the frame. For me, nakeds rule!

Fairings? Hey! There's a reason you can never find plastic, at a salvage yard.

gforces 10-25-2004 08:18 PM

Re: The Difference
Calgary? Brrrrrr. Where can I buy some ice studs for my hawk?

gforces 10-25-2004 08:24 PM

Re: New SV1000 coming to America
Aussie women? Who would've thought?


-in full stereotype

gforces 10-25-2004 08:38 PM

That was the second nail on the same head...
but did you know that what you speak of is excactly what racers do? That is, they put Gixxer suspension on SV's? Throw on aftermarket exhaust, cams, and power commander, and there's your 80 h.p. Heck, I'll throw in an extra 5 hp and over 50 ft pds tq!

SeaGoat 11-09-2004 04:41 AM

Re: New SV1000 coming to America
You: " I reasoned, than a 100+hp, V-twin sport bike, that could conceivably weigh-in at around 400lbs; and, hopefully cost less than ten-grand?"

Reality: 103 - 110 bhp (depending on who's measuring); 408 lbs. dry [naked] (close enough); MSRP $7,999.

What did they miss?

SeaGoat 11-09-2004 04:44 AM

Re: New SV1000 coming to America
For $8,000 (naked version) this /*is*/ a great bike!

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