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Default Re: SV 1000 Review?

I've only responded to the earlier post to provide my experiences and point of view as a Z1000 owner, I'm not here to "educate" (why you are "quoting" words that I did not use I don't understand).

Let me clarify my earlier post. Yes, the Zed may experience headshake at high speeds, especially on rough pavement, as was the case with MCN. But as with most motorcycles, headshake will transition to a tankslapper if not controlled properly: keeping on throttle and not trying to force the steering. Even for experienced riders this is difficult; the fact that Walt didn't crash showed he did something right.

I have had the Zed at speeds at above 120mph on rough pavement and haven't experienced any headshake. Other owners have in similar conditions but stated they never went into a tankslapper. Only one person I know firsthand who experienced a tankslapper with the Zed admitted that he did all of the wrong inputs at the onset that brought on the tankslapper; Luckily, he didn't crash but was understandably shaken.

However, most who own the Zed agree that unless you're going to make a habit of riding the Zed at these speeds on a regular basis, as in on the track, that a steering damper would be a good idea. it's not needed for real world riding conditions. Although if you decide to use one, there's nothing wrong, but it'll be just extra insurance. The Zed turns quickly but is otherwise very well mannered at near legal speed limits, but in my opinion a damper would just get in the way of ease of flickability. Some may argue that a bike that's too flickable is not a good thing, but it's one of the thing that I like most about the Z1000.

A damper would just be a band aid, as MC reported. Updating the geometry for greater stability would be a travesty, as it would negatively affect my beloved flickability. The Zed's frame isn't super-sportbike stiff but I really haven't experienced the "chassis snaking" that MCN reported, so if Kawasaki can stiffen the frame up without increasing cost, it wouldn't hurt, but it's not crucial to the application of this type of bike.

I wish MCN would have devoted more pages to their testing and more details of the specific incident, inlcluding a first hand account from Walt himself. The article lacked some details about the incident and immidiately focused on the bike instead of the events, which I think sadly was a disservice to the reader. But those guys, and all motojournalists, even those with heaps of experience on bikes and writing, are only human and don't always write a wonderful article. But that's just my opinion based on my years of subscriptions.

Even if anyone, including MO, writes a totally scathing review of the Zed it wouldn't change my favorable view of the bike, formed from personal experience. I choose to take all bike reviews with a grain of salt. They never tend to be as objective as a good test ride.
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Default Re: SV 1000 Review?

I seem to remember that after the SV650 came out, there was a lot of clamoring for a liter version. Well Suzuki responded but it looks like sales have been dismal. Like others, I think they should have made the ergos more standard-like, but I guess marketing is something of a crapshoot.
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