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Thumbs up A Bonnie Kinda' Day.....

Not much of a ride really as it's only to work but it's nice to ride in with no traffic for a change. I usually commute my 75 mile round trip on the Bandit because it's much better suited for the task. Instant power, good triple disc nissan calipers and radial tires really make a difference doing the old cut and thrust through traffic. Plus I have a tank bag on there and a small windshield and fairing do a better than you'd think job of keeping the cold and road crud off.

At any rate, I hadn't ridden my T 100 Bonneville in a week or so, so this morning I decided to take it instead. Since I refuse to saddle such a beautiful bike with anything like a tank bag or saddlebags I had to use my pockets instead, no problem of course....the Aerostitch came through swallowing up my house keys, work keys, baggie of chopped up cantalope, baggie containing a chunk of molonarie salami, baggie of totally snobby imported cheese with mold in it I paid $29.99 a pound for, my pager, cell phone, a DVD of Coogans Bluff for the cool footage of Clint Eastwood chasing some guy around Central Park on a T120 Bonnie and the latest issue of Classic Bike Magazine annnd, my work badge.

So, off I go, Sunday morning, 0500, low 60's and cloudy IE perfect Triumph weather. Down hwy 410 through Bonney Lake and Sumner to the 167 interchange. This is a perfect 170 degree uphill banked right hander and I blow past a Boxster and crank and bank it around 60 or so in 4th, WFO and listen to the Bonnie snarl out of the TOR's as I straighten up, quick head check to the left and on to 167 for a left hand downhill sweeper and bang it up into fifth, hit about 90 then back off to about 80 or so cruising speed, quick check for porkers then settle into a nice groove through the valley. Nice ride in, There's a GoodGuys Rod and Custom show this weekend so I see some pretty dope street rods heading the other way, not much other traffic untill I hit 405 in Renton, pass some guy on a Road Star pulling on to I-5, then off again at East Marginal, show my badge through the gate, feet down in my private parking spot in front of the boiler room, cuppa tea in the microwave, a nice bowl of Weetabix and blueberries for breakfast and 0600 kick back to watch boilers for 8 hrs.....

Not a bad way to start the day if you have to work for a living. The Bonnie always puts a smile on my face, what a neat little bike !
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It's days like that, and rides like that, that make a person feel alive. Nice read!
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Oh please. Neither of your bikes will go over 159 mph. What good are they? Stop trying to fool us into thinking you're having a good time on those slow underpowered POSes.
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I must be living right! My second trip to PNW, and the weather is gorgeous!

Sarnalideuce, although I have no idea where the heck Bonney Lake is, I'll wave in an Easterley direction from Port Hadlock!

Enjoyed your Ride to Work" story. Wish I had my bike, fer shure!
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A Bonnie kinda day is my kinda day, too.

Nothing wrong with highfalooin' foodstuffs ,either.
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Good Stuff Man,
Had a tricked out W-650, cool but guttless. The Bonnie is my next bike.
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