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Cool Do you Want To Face The Sun? A Ride In The Everglades

I can't say I was looking forward to the day's ride with three hours on an Interstate at a monotonous 75 mph. After a full breakfast I got on the road at a leisurely 9:30 am. A quick stop to get an energy drink and before I knew it, I was traveling at a comfortable 75 mph. I assumed this would be a casual ride and I would be arriving tired at my destination. Assumptions are funny things in that you’d think by my age you'd stop making them.
Part of the ride included a stretch that cuts through The Everglades. There is a fifty mile section that has no services, so any gas you need should be gotten before entering it. And so I filled up and off I went into The Everglades, joking to myself that whatever happens in the next fifty miles will be between me and the road.
About 25 miles into the stretch, a light rain began. I was a little surprised since it was still morning and rain here in Florida tends to come in the afternoon. It was light rain and so I kept riding. I then noticed how dark the sky was in front of me and a distant lightning strike. As I approached the darkening clouds, the rain intensified and I began to slow down. The more I slowed down the more the rain intensified until sheets of rain are running across the road and my visibility drops to about 100 feet in front of me. What to do in the middle of nowhere with no shelter to be seen? With one eye on the lightning which is now pretty much overhead and another eye on the road conditions as I fruitlessly try to estimate the chances of hydroplaning I decide it is time to pull over and accept the circumstances. I’m gonna get soaked in The Everglades.
A few minutes later another motorcycle, a couple on a large bike, pulls up next to me. The rider shouts, "Do you believe this? I can't see a thing!"