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Default Stray Dog

Mordechai the Giant was an instant friend. Thin as a sand crane and with skin the color of a coffee bean, what you notice first is that Mordechai is seven feet tall. Oh, some people say he’s eight feet tall, but there never seem to be any yardsticks around when you need one.

He’s a good friend, although he’s not very good at staying in touch. He might call once a week, just to see if you’re still alive, or he might disappear for months at a time. Late one night last June, Mordechai the Giant called me out of the blue.

“Roo! I know where there’s a widderlady who got six Harleys she’s tryin’ to sell.”

(The rest of the story is HERE)
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You might like this...

Hippy Bob & the Bighorn
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Great stuff, RB!
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Originally Posted by mscuddy View Post
You might like this...

Hippy Bob & the Bighorn

Such a very amazing link!
Thanks you for the post.
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nice adventure
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post the rest of the story
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