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Riding home from Atlanta, early on a Sunday morning on my Sprint.

Back road, no traffic; about 70 degrees and sunny, with big puffball clouds.

Steaming though farmland at 70, where the Sprint turns so smooth it feels like it isn't running.

Up, down and around the gentle hills and curves, and in and out of the shadows of the clouds.

I remember thinking at the time, 'It doesn't get any better than this!
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It's 1968 and I just put a second gas tank on the Go Devil, to give it more range. I made my way from Silverlake through Glendale without getting a ticket (a major deal back then) and up Angeles Crest Highway when I had to switch to tank no.2. Made it all the way to Mt. Wilson, where I underestimated the gas consumption of the mighty Go Devil, and had to coast most of the way back down the 'Crest, where I called my Grandpa to come and pick me up in his GTO. Ah, the Go Devil...sniff.sniff...where are my tissues?
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Hi Guys,

A couple of the many times stand out: one was making a loop from Portland, Oregon to Salt Lake City and down to L.A. and back up the coast. I was on my Norton 650SS, and it was 1970 or thereabouts. I was crossing from Nevada into California and it was hot--Summer in the desert hot--and I stopped to drink some water, and the road and the world stretched out before me. No turns, just straight road and dirt. Tumbleweeds and a slight breeze, and heat. The kind of heat that shimmers as you look, and the sun hurts your eyes right through sunglasses. It seemed to go on forever, and I could envision just riding until the whole thing collapsed in on me--it was a wonderful instant of being in touch with the world.

Another time was on a trip to San Francisco from Oregon. I'd gone down I-5, and decided to go home via the coast. I was on a YDS-3 Yamaha 250cc stroker twin, and had spent the night before visiting friends in the Bay area, getting good and wasted and enjoying being young in the 1960's. (My poor Mother!!) So in the middle of the morning, having blown off my promise of an early start, I headed across the Golden Gate Bridge, pointed generally north. It was Bay-area foggy in the morning, and I'd bundled up for the ride. I crossed the bridge (I love that bridge!) and pulled up the hill passing Mt. Tam, and rounded into the open country, and the fog, bit by bit, disappeared into sunshine. The temperatures soared, and I had to stop and shed clothing. It was wonderful, and it stayed warm until I got up around Crescent City, where it got foggy again. It was a great trip on a truly heroic little bike. I loved that Yamaha!

There are lots more: youngsters waving at me as I rode the Norton alongside Mom and Pop in their car....both of them frowning while their kids laughed and waved at the noisy bike. Things like that. More recently, people asking to take my picture with one of my Commandos when I was stopped in Stateline, Nevada for gas....silly things. Looking down from a bridge in southeastern Washington State at a little farm town far below the road, nestled in a wind-free valley and minding it's own business.

Listening to the big Norton engine at night in the desert, all alone.

Really--is there anything better than being alone--or maybe with one other special person--on a bike at night? OK, or during the daylight, it doesn't matter. What better way to absorb the essence of being alive?

I love bikes!!

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First real motorcycle trip I ever made. 1981 ish.

Just rebuilt a wrecked KZ650. Hopped on it one morning in Sierra Vista, AZ, and rode to the Grand Canyon. Encountered a weird black biker gang on chopped Hondas, insane cops screwing around in their cruisers in the middle of nowhere, helped a guy change a flat, and just rode, rode, rode through the desert.

Arrived in the middle of the night. Slept in a bedroll on the south rim. Heard strange, wild animals all night. Woke up 10 feet from a cliff. Heard the canyon breath in the morning.

Took the highway home the next day, and missed all the fun of the trip going out.

Probably couldn't get away with that today.
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Originally Posted by Barbara View Post
Really--is there anything better than being alone--or maybe with one other special person--on a bike at night?
I did a night ride with my brother last weekend. Big fun!
Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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I sincerely invite you, bike enthusiasts, to ride in China. And you bring your friends together.
Our travel destination is Wulong, Chongqing, where is known as World Karst Museum. It is the only World Nature Heritage, in Chongqing, approved by UNESCO, and selected as filming spot by many world-known directors. Besides, the organizers will hold two large-scaled music evenings with different style in both scenic spot and downtown.

We will be very pleased to assist you and your friends.
Harley Davidson and BMW will participate the riding. Harley Davidson will send a team with around 50 members to take part in. When the time comes, there will be 200 riders from both domestic and overseas.

If you are interested in this. contact me, ivy@unido-spx.org
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I'd just gotten my '77 FXS, and a gal at the Ft. Lauderdale boatyard where I lived need a ride to Plant City (about 240 miles). She was an Austrailian who looked like Megan Fox's twin. We left in a downpour wearing rain gear, water was like a waterfall over the primary case. About 1/2 way the rain quit and we pulled over to take off the rain gear; she went down to her bikini, flip flops, and a bandanna. It was like a roadside strip-tease...nice nice nice. Fu<k ATGATT!
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My last ride in Southern Indiana, the day before I graduated college, I took the old TDM 900 for a twist around the backroads one last time, finally found a peak out by Lake Monroe, watched the sun set and remembered all my good college memories (on and off the bike ). For a moment, all the stress and fear of moving onto the Real World melted away as I eased the old horse back into town. I loved that bike more than college.
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