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Default The crazy things you see on the freeway

This was just amazing, what I saw yesterday. Ok, this isn't a true ride story, but I did see it while riding.

I was on the freeway, fairly busy traffic, in the right lane of a 5 lane superslab. About 75 yards ahead of me was a tow truck pulling a compact sedan. All the sudden the sedan blows a rear tire - the tire just goes flying off the car, then the car does a few quicks jerks/shakes and breaks free of the tow truck. Because of the blown tire, the car swerved wildly left and just flew across the freeway, narrowly avoiding traffic before slamming almost totally straight-on nose-first into a high retaining wall.

I have literally never seen anything like it before.

I slowed way down when I saw the tire blow, so was able to see the whole thing clearly, and then passed by the tow truck, which had come to a dead stop in the middle of the freeway as the driver probably just sat there thinking "oh crap oh crap oh crap."

I guess I was lucky I wasn't following the tow truck any closer.
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I was fortunate enough to be riding in the fast lane when on the other side of the freeway a car blew a tire, lost control and went head on into the center divider. Subsequently car body parts exploded all over and just as luck would have it timing was perfect to duck under the debri and keep on motoring down the freeway. Half second sooner I would of been in the middle of a shower of debri at 80mph.
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