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Yamahanian 12-20-2001 02:53 PM

Re: Stop Bitching, Start Writing (Effectively)
Every one of the posters needs to write rational letters to President Bush, his Senators and his Representatives - among ourselves will do nothing. It wouldn't hurt to write letters to the usual suspects (motorcycle clubs and magazines) urging others to do the same. It won't take very long, and may actually make a difference. At least you'll feel better.

mxjunky 12-20-2001 05:34 PM

fire em all
i hait the fact that they are screaming less co2 hell this planet used to be 10% co2 now it is around 1% why is this its a little thing called plants the more plant the more natral filters so kill the soccer moms in their bike killing suv stop building malls conserve land so you can still ride and no one can tell anyone has been there besides mabye a 3 foot path one of you are right one cow puts off more pollutans then i think it was ten dirt bikes and thats methain gas what are they going to do next shove a cattlatic converter up a cows ass it pissing on a forest fire to put it out scenero and we are all going to get burned cus of it too

JohnGeisz 12-20-2001 06:39 PM

Re: EPA To Adopt CA Streetbike Emission Standards
I hate riding behind an SUV as much as anybody, but does it really make sense to lob grenades at SUVs when your interests are targetted by the EPA? Isn't this a little like when Iraq lobbed SCUDs at Israel to retaliate for our bombing of Iraq? It's like saying, "Don't hit me, or I'll hit the other guy."

IMHO the EPA is the sorryest, most misguided group in the goverment. If you could see the extortion tactics used in the midwest's "reformulated gasoline" fiasco, I think you'd be sick. It's not even disputed anymore that the MTBE used in urban and suburban gasolines is highly toxic and is shockingly good at getting into ground water supplies wherever it is used. It also gives me about 25 miles less on a tankful, so I burn more. (More CO2?) (I live in an area where I can buy both and the results are the same everytime) When I first heard the news of how toxic this crap was, I used to think, "who cares?" Right? But then when I was rejetting a bike my hands got wet with the stuff, then it mattered. Hmmm.

And because the stuff has even less lubricity than plain unleaded gasoline, wait 'til you see your valve seals and piston rings, you'll be delighted.

How about if the EPA converted some of its bullyism to research in finding ways of doing things better, and smarter, rather than being involved in behavior modification?

BTW, your government is your best friend, if your activities are accepted as popular and politically correct. And even though the fuel economy and size of a motorcycle should be 'politically correct,' it's not, so beware, the government may not be your friend.

mid_ohio_jeff 12-21-2001 01:38 AM

Re: sportbikes, no, but....
...The japanese are starting to sell stuff for their cruisers. Yamaha sells hop up goods for the Royal Car, um I mean Star and the Road Star. I do believe Kawasaki might be selling different mufflers for their Vulcan line also. Vance and Hines makes a very large quantity of exhaust pipes for HD now sold under the Screamin' Eagle name in HD's offiical parts and accessories catalog......

Joe_Momma 12-21-2001 01:39 AM

Re: fire em all
I like it. Cowalitic converter. Up dee arse!!! Imagine seeing that driving through texas.

wiliedog 12-21-2001 03:03 AM

Re: EPA To Adopt CA Streetbike Emission Standards
You whiny liberal boys are so gullible. When you get old enough and have your own family, you will understand the necessity of owning a SUV. Don't believe everything you see and hear on TV or the college campus.

When I see a SUV drive by, it doesn't leave a cloud behind. When a train goes by, you can see the cloud of particulate matter suspended in the atmosphere for a long time. Same for jets taking off.

Poser 12-21-2001 09:08 AM

I live in...
Seattle. I commute to Bellevue. It sucks, but at least I get to ride every day.

grover750 12-21-2001 10:00 AM

Re: EPA To Adopt CA Streetbike Emission Standards
"the necessity of owning and SUV"

I love it. And what exactly do you use your SUV for, wiliedog? I think you are the one that needs to not believe everything you hear on TV, if you think you need an SUV because you have a family. Driving an SUV and accusing us of being gullible and believing everything we hear on TV. Wow.

But, you understand the necessity, and us whiney liberals donÂ’t. I don't. Please, oh please, enlighten me. Is it the crappy handling, the crappy braking, or the crappy acceleration that you love about it? Or the crappy gas mileage? The high insurance rates, high purchase price, or the high cost of maintenance? Or do you have potholes on your road and imagine yourself scaling the Rocky Mountains every time you drive over one? Or is it to get "a little security in an insecure world"?

Let us in on the secrets, please!!! Before I buy another car, save my family and me!

I love it when SUVs get compared positively to trains and jets. Great comparison. Don't forget barges and semis, you pollute less than they do also. And coal fired power plants. I guess you don't pollute that much after all, wiliedog. Good point. Oh, and since you don't see a cloud behind SUVs they must not be polluting that much. You need to be signed up for pollution 101, but that was already obvious since you own an SUV.


CBR1000F 12-21-2001 11:18 AM

Re: EPA To Adopt CA Streetbike Emission Standards
Yeah, and Income tax was supposed to be temporary too.

So was the toll on the Golden Gate Bridge.

JohnGeisz 12-21-2001 02:12 PM

No strong opinions here, eh?
Glad to see we haven't really made up our minds about what we think here. LOL

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