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rat-biker 10-20-2001 07:48 PM

Regarding this spam you sent me:

Relational, adaptive content

(you can filter out what you don't want, and

content will be prioritized based on your past

reading trends)

Noooo! Bad, bad webmaster! How can you know my future interests? They aren't usually based on my past actions or interests. I don't want some content to be buried just because some software has decided that I wouldn't be interested.

At the very least I'm glad to hear you're committed to open source and Linux and seem to be thoughtful and knowledgeable about databases.

CBR1000F 10-22-2001 08:23 AM

Re: Out of the wilderness...

I've found that IE 5.5 crashes often, and reverted to IE 5.0...

The only refresh problem I've been having was in the chatroom, when I was using dialup. It refreshed so often, and the refresh was so slow over dialup, it limited my ability to type. I usually set the refresh rate on dialup at 30 seconds and everything was fine... now that I have DSL however, it's all good. :)

CBR1000F 10-22-2001 08:25 AM

Re: Out of the wilderness...
Oh, BTW - I'm running Windows 98SE, with all the current updates.

CBR1000F 10-22-2001 08:30 AM

Re: Out of the wilderness...
Welcome back, Blip!!!

It sounds like you had a great time on your trip.

blip 10-23-2001 07:06 AM

Re: progress?!
Note that it says "prioritized" on reading trends. You won't have content excluded.

The big thing here is really to let, for instance, Sportbike fans who dislike all things cruising to opt out of that content. It seems to aggravate a lot of the younger gung-ho crowd, so it's important for us to be enable them to remove the annoyance(s).

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