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jackbird 09-28-2001 02:17 PM

Neither Harley Davidson nor BMW makes weedwackers
...but they both made motorcycles I own and like. What else can you predict? I don't even understand what you meant, but I'm only about half back from a serious brain injury so irony or satire is often lost on me. Sorry.

systech 09-29-2001 06:52 PM

Re: No More Two-Strokes
Amen, has anybody been noticing the factory's bringing out the thumpers. It has been a long time coming. But I have always loved the sound of a big bore thumper.

pplassm 09-30-2001 04:39 PM

Re: Yeah, I am.
And some experts say we haven't even begun to find the REALLY big oil deposits in the earth.

pplassm 09-30-2001 04:42 PM

Re: No More Two-Strokes
To get back to the issue at hand, that is, regulations for off-road motorcycles, there are still enough loopholes in the proposed reg to protect MX and competition bikes. Looks like nothing has really changed.

Pete P.

chrisjaney 10-01-2001 09:14 AM

Re: Yeah, I am.

And almost all experts agree that we don't know the significance of that oil being where it is, and if there are any implications with removing it.

CarsSuck 10-01-2001 11:01 AM

Because it's a '71! C'mon people, get it right.
Get the facts straight so you know what to about instead of wasting your words on things that don't make sense. They don't let people MAKE '71 Buicks anymore, but people can still drive them. They're not going let manufacturers MAKE 2 stroke (that don't comply) OHVs anymore. They didn't say specifically that they wouldn't allow the continued use of previously manufactured examples.

CarsSuck 10-01-2001 11:07 AM

Because motorcycles don't do enough miles?!?!?!?!?!?!
That's a stupid argument, because it doesn't help us at all. It's a HEAD HANGING SHAME the pathetic miles "motorcyclists" do in this country. Pointing it out is ammo for people that want us classified as toys. Here's a proper argument:

Motorcycle present far less danger to everyone else on the road, they do in fact create less emissions than most passenger cars, and they get better gas mileage. There should be incentives for people to ride motorcycles, not deincentives like catalytic converters, because motorcycles present a real motorized transportation solution. As long as motors create any pollutants at all, or use any fuel resources at all, motorcycles will be a clearly superior form of personal transportation.

jamesohoh7 10-02-2001 06:30 AM

Re: Because it
Actually, in a way they are making these laws affect existing two-strokes.

One way I can think of off-hand is that they are calling for the existence/installation of all stock intake and exhaust equipment. How many motorcycles (two and four stroke!) out there still have the stock pipes on them from 25 years ago or whenever the last Yamaha RD350 was built?... or even from '86 when the last 'legal' RZ's were built?...same for the intake boxes?.. or those folks who's oil-injectors broke and they switched to pre-mix.. they're missing what could/is(?) being tagged as 'original emissions equipment' (as reported to me by a buddy who read something about this on some news web-site).

So, while not patently retro-active, it will in effect turn out to be that way if it goes forward as I've heard.


nustar1 10-02-2001 06:56 AM

Re: Hold on.....
What is the overall effect of having to drill for more oil? The polution involved in getting the fuel? I would think that the EPA would give emission breaks to machines that get better gas mileage. The better the mileage the less stringent the actual emission level. If I had a bike that got 100mpg that polluted at twice the current level but I also had a car that go 14 mpg and was spot on in emission which one is really creating more polution? I have to work almost 4x as much to pay for the car gas. If I am confused somebody please straighten me out-

johnz 10-03-2001 01:35 AM

Re: No More Two-Strokes
Read the article : 'No current national emission standards for off-road motorbikes'.

This is a bizzare situation - no other country has different regulations for on and off road vehicles - it all goes into the same air !

Most off-road bikes are run at the edge of cities, not in the country - so all that smoke ends up in the city just as much.

The euopeans have the same regulations for both types of bikes - yet you can still buy basic 5 port air cooled two strokes like Izh Planeta and Kanuni-MZ, which are pre-war DKW models.

The regulations only affect larger (>250 mL) basic two strokes, particularly those with power valves that are particularly polluting.

Most dirt bikes races are for less than 250 mL anyway.

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