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Default Re: What about BAB

Thanks for the reference to the Friedman article. Somehow, despite being sidelined with shoulder surgery, I missed it. Yes, he does a good job of explaining the statistics.

Pete P.

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Default My rebuilt titanium reinforced shoulder works great.

Top local doc did his best work ever. It's stronger than the other side by a lot. Hope your prognosis is similar and you're riding again soon.
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There are significant things you can do to improve your personal safety. Buy a top quality CE approved suit, not one with just CE approved armor or no armor at all. Buy a top of the line full face helmet. Get gloves to match. Never ride anywhere without race boots. Is it expensive? You bet. Is it a pain in the a$$ sometimes? For sure. Does it look cool on a cruiser? No. But you asked for better protection; not cheap, easy, or stylish. It's basically what people wear to race. And if you're addicted to speed, you should be wearing the same gear.
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Default Re: NHTSA reports Motorcycle deaths on the rise

Sure, it does in most places. I was just pointing out that the change in the law doesn't suddenly mean everybody is doing it.

I was surprised while riding in CA visiting family last year, to see all the cruiser riders wearing helmets. I live in OH, and many here (mostly cruisers, but also Wingers, and sportbikes) don't wear helmets. All the people I ride with do.

Strange how you can tell you're in a state with a helmet law. While riding in WV this summer, I saw a guy on a chopper, big ape-hangers, he was wearing jeans, boots, and a leather vest (no shirt) open. But he had on a cheap little skull cap helmet. I thought, "Oh yeah, they have a helmet law here." The site was hilarious.
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Default Re: NHTSA reports Motorcycle deaths on the rise

>> along with education about helmet usage, as there are a lot of misconceptions out there about them ...

Not only are a lot of people not wearing any helmets - in States with helmets laws a lot of people are wearing so-called "novelty" helmets - small plastic helmets with no protection at all - similar to riding without a helmet - and there are new Kevlar helmets out there that offer better protection - they are DOT approved and cost $100 - $150 - very affordable!!!

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