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Default Re: This should be no big surprise to anyone

Hmm, my Valkyrie Interstate draws crowds everywhere I park it...and its flat six motor sounds like a Porsche. It didn't sell too well because the market it was aimed at wasn't interested in buying a bike, but buying a brand...Anyway, beauty is in the eye...
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Default Sylvania HD a good dealership? How do you define a bad one?

you must have a long beard or a bad-ass face (I'm just kidding)...I went in there after work and Sylvania HD wouldn't even talk to me. They acted like I was a dumbass and just in their to waste their time....not like they were busy, I was the only one in there. I probably didn't look old enough/rich enough/stupid enough or something. Went in there twice just to be sure. Same story both times....F-that!...I personally think its a disease or something that plagues HD dealers (and other motorcycle dealers too) like this. Why should they be friendly if their going to sell everything they have anyway? If they don't have any bikes to sell you RIGHT NOW why should they "waste their time"!?! PISS POOR ATTITUDE GUYS! Shows the TRUE character of a brand/dealer/dealership -- some places just don't care unless their going to make money TODAY! Total ! What happened to customer service? Bottom line: They act like they don't care, so I didn't care to give them my money. Sad thing is, if they would have acted like they remotely gave any sort of a about my presence in thier dealership, then they just might have sold a bike that day! Just my $.02.

Hopefully if demand goes down, HD doesn't find themselves in trouble from allowing overpopulation of their dealerships. Can you say spreading yourself too thin? Allowing these poor dealerships to represent them is the biggest mistake in my opinion--the corporation should be kicking some of thier asses!
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Default Re: Is Harley

No, no no!

All of the bad things that could possibly ever happen to the motor company are beginning to happen right now! ...and it's all because the sales manager at my local dealership wouldn't let me sit on a Fat Boy.

Serves them right!

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Default Re: Is Harley

Damn, I hope so. I want to buy whatever dresser they come up with for the VRSC chassis at MSRP in a few years....
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Default Re: Is Harley

If I had to explain it......

Learn how to interpret financial statements and you will quickly learn that they are making gobs of money and they will likely not die off.

For an out of date POS they sure sell well and at much higher margins than other brands. Maybe some other marques should reconsider what they are selling?
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Default Re: This should be no big surprise to anyone

Buying the bike based on measureable qualities. This, I believe, will be more of an issue in the future. Harley, as I see it, have two major sources of customers - the old guard and the boomers with cash. I - at least around here - don't see many folks under 35ish riding hogs. Everyone's on 'adventure tourers' and sport/sportstandard machines. These guys (kinda like me) may be interested in a 'less than sporty' bike sometime but, having started on 100hp 600's, a 42hp 1340cc evo (just had to make that quote... actual figures from a friends Roadking) or whopping 60ish hp for a tc will not cut it. Bikes in the next ten years will have to be powerful, handle reasonably well and stop. As well, I don't see the same brand loyalty around the 'younger set' so, if this is in fact true, why spend 10K more on a HOG when I can get the same thing from my local Kawahonyamazuki shop...or, like another poster said... pick one up in the classified as there are PAGES of the late model beasts sitting about there.

Just my wholy undeducated two bits
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Default Re: Is Harley

The excess inventory are the bikes that the dealers are gougin

on. This quote from the story sez it all:

"those selling at sticker price continue to have waiting lists of about

one year on most models, while dealers selling at a premium to sticker had inventory on the

floor. Perhaps aggressive pricing by some dealers could at least in part explain the increase in

finished goods."

The dealer is the one who makes the $$ over the MSRP. Harley is still selling every bike that leaves their plant.
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Default Re: This should be no big surprise to anyone

Exactly. In case you didn't pick up on it I *like* the Valkyrie but sorry, to me it does look a bit ungainly if not porky and sounds more like a Subaru than a TurboCarrera to me. I could live with those things if I were in the market for such a beast. I don't need or want a bike that big right now but might when I retire. Too bad the Valky won't be around then, but the Hawgs probably will be. Yes beauty is in the eye!
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Default Re: Is Harley

i thought that i had heard that harley built a new plant and that they are and have been meeting demand on the sportsters and smaller bikes, and that they would be meeting demand on the big bikes within a year or 2. i don't know if that is true, but i do know that you can get sportsters on the floor here in minnesota, and even some big bikes too (if you are lucky) without being on a waiting list. and depending upon which dealer you go to, you can get a big bike in less than a year.

personally, i'd spend my $18.000 on a duc or an f4s.

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Default Man, I hope not!

The new Indians I've seen are the most tacky, overwrought honky cheese-barges I've ever seen! What a joke! It's kind of a shame, considering the actual company's long and illustrious history of competition that the new bikes are eseentially Harley clones made heavier and slower (!) with the addition of mounds of chrome, fenders, and what looks like 50 pounds of tassels and conchos.

I liked the Eller industries take on more performance- oriented bikes, including sportbikes. Maybe if the Hollister-based company goes boobie-up, they can have another shot.
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