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Default Missing it again

You guys are So West Coast! Dude!

I've told you about the following developments right here in Birmingham, but without any followup or mention.

Once again... George Barber has almost completed a brand new facility - $22,000,000 worth - to build the widest road course in the country: Barber Motorsports Park. ADD another $18,000,000 for the Barber Vintage Motorcycle Museum.

Here's the link to the Birmingham News' Story:


Harley Davidson already operates a permanent test facility near the Talladega Superspeedway just 35 miles away. Honda is building a GIANT assembly plant in Lincoln, AL (30 miles away) and they have already made room for expansion of some kind. Are you getting the idea?

Hint: Daytona may not be THE Race Place in the future...

Quit asking for my donation.

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Default If I ever hit the lotto....

.... I hereby pledge never to sit my fat butt down on the soft padded seats of a luxury suite at a motorcycle race. Oh look! What a great view of the Sonoma valley! Jeeves, some more whine please, and send up some umbrella girls..... Yeah, sounds like corporate fat cats are REALLY into the racing. It's about as stupid as wearing a tie to a football game. Certainly, some will accuse me of jealousy. Fine. But my idea of watching "great racing" is getting as close to the action as possible, not farther away from it. Let the soft, rich, latte-sipping, style-obsessed pretenders have their little ego suites. I'll sit in the metal-seat stands with Real People.

Old, maybe. Slow, never.
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Default Re: Live at a race rack

Well, gosh. I would be happy if Seattle International Raceway would manage to clear the brush in the infield! Actually, watching a race there is much more fun than any so-called "first class" facility. Both of my brothers race, so I take my son down to root for his uncles. He can look at all of the machinery, watch other racers tear down their bikes in the paddock, and really get an idea of what people do to race. The experience is much more complete than it would be if we were isolated from it all. Of course, this is low budget club racing.

Club racers race for fun. What a concept! Let the corporate sponsers live in their isolated splendor. I prefer it down in the dust with the people who would race even if nobody was watching.
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Default club racing is great

I have been to the AMA race at Road America and that was pretty neat, but I have also been to a CCS race at Blackhawk Farms, and that was even better. I was able to get a lot closer to the track, I got to watch people I know race, and I was in the pits where I got to look at the bikes up close and learn what really goes on. I also saw the Pit Bike Race, which was the funniest race I have ever seen. The CCS race was a much better experience, if anyone has a chance, go see one.
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Default Re: If I ever hit the lotto....

The way I see it, if some "corporate fat cats" (most people with real money are entrepreneurs, not salarymen) want to come and drop off a of money at my local track, and they aren't in the way, I'll be part of the welcoming comittee. Stop resenting people with money, not everyone can be (wants to be) as "real" as you are. Meanwhile the rest of us will try to build better tracks with "corporate fat cat money".
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