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me_and_the_chicken 08-04-2001 06:23 PM

Re: Rumors of the moment
Is it just me or is Troy being made out to sound more and more like Luca Cadalora every day?

gixerlogan 08-05-2001 06:37 AM

Re: Rumors of the moment
The bikes you and I buy from our local dealer are no where close to the ones they race in AMA, much less in WSB.

The suspension, swingarm, fuel injection, tires, rims, cams, valves, etc are different and extremely expensive. And in some cases you can't even buy these aftermarket products unless you race for the company making these product. The bikes Mat raced last year will be destroyed just so no one gets a hold of all the R&D that went into them. In addition, these bikes are pumping 180 rear-wheel-horsepower. Not something you'll see on your 750 unless you put nitrous or a turbo. World Superbike racers get full support from the manufacturers and thus the best racing equiptment (as said by an AMA official in Laguna Seca). No wonder Ducs are slower in AMA.

But you guys already knew all this.

I asked Mat if he would go to WSB and he said no. I think he'll stay in AMA and make a good name for himself and erase any doubts from the non-believers that he's one hell of a racer.

P.S. The GSXRs are the closest you'll get to a real race bike without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars and the racing experience/resume.

But this is just my opinion. And you know what they say about opinions ;-)

Gix1k = 153.0rwhp(TRS s/o)

Sparky 08-06-2001 03:34 AM

Re: Rumors of the moment
I agree with your last comment. Just look at the grids. The backmarkers are almost 100% Suzuki. Why is that? Because those teams have real tight budgets and they have found that you get the most from a stock Gixxer. I beleive my opinion is objective as I don't own a gixxer and never plan on owning one. But this is a case of cause and effect. No one makes all those teams by gixxers. They obviously find great value in them.

That's my assho...I mean opinion

lazy1 08-06-2001 04:04 AM

Re: Rumors of the moment
it's just you....

hindle 08-06-2001 04:08 AM

Re: Rumors of the moment
Erase any doubts from the non-believers?

He is 2 time champ leading points this year breaking records at every race. Takes pole at every race.

My friend if they don't believe now they never will.

What more can the guy do in AMA. I don't think he will stay in the AMA much longer. Especially if he wins the championship again. There simply isn't much more for the guy to do here. Then again he is around 30 years of age. He may only ride for a few more years who knows.

hindle 08-06-2001 04:10 AM

Re: Roberts (Kurtis) to Suzuki!
I wish I saw that. I don't Kurtis Roberts. I think he walks the line of good sportsmanship to often. Sometimes I think he even crosses that line. Then again it's just my opinion.

Z1R 08-06-2001 06:17 AM

Re: Rumors of the moment
Matt is the big fish in the small pond.

He would do good in WSB but he would not

be winning every weekend.

Rob-SV650 08-06-2001 07:37 AM

Re: Rumors of the moment
So when is this engine going in a street bike???

J190pruf 08-06-2001 01:13 PM

Re: Will Matt go to WSBK
u are crazy I can go to my local honda/kawisaki dealer and get eaither a RC51, or ZX7 the Zr is 1 grand cheaper than the GSXR they have in the showroom.

ColinL 08-09-2001 08:29 AM

Re: Will Matt go to WSBK
frankly you fans should be embarrassed! ;)

*all* of the superbikes are homologation specials--the kawasaki Eric is riding is not the nearly the doggy ZX-7R that collects dust on our North American showrooms... it is in fact a ZX-7RR that is more akin to Yamaha's R7.

some riders will strive for the highest levels due to pure competitive drive, others will position themselves to be with one of the best teams. Yoshimura is unquestionably a dominant force in AMA superbike, as is Honda's large contingent. (Erion and vanilla American Honda) Those teams are going to spend money and produce very competitive bikes, and pay a top rider to be one them. The question is, if you're a top rider on AMA superbike would you be happier making less money and riding a less competitive WSB? Ducati and Aprilia aren't spending the money in AMA, Suzuki and Honda are. Period.

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