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Default Re: Cycle World Motorcyclist Sport Rider

This news shouldn't come as any surprise. I stopped my subscription to several Petersen mags when it became clear:

1) The magazines were "dumbed down" to about a 5th-grade level. Compare these to an equivalent British mag, and you'll see the difference.

2) The articles cater to the advertisers. I use magazines to get facts and find out what's good and bad about a product. When facts become opinion and are not stated as such, and when articles only talk about the good, I'm not getting value back for my subscription dollar.

I admit almost all magazines are guilt of this to some degree...but the Petersen ones are especially bad!
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Default Hmmmm

I like Motorcyclist as it is. They got good humor, wit, and info. I sincerely hope all this EMAP/ peterson business doesn't hurt their mag at all. Merge with Cycle World? Man, I hope not

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Default Combination of Motorcyclist and CycleWorld?

All I can say is "Ewwww". Cycleworld always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
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Default I like Motorcyclist

I like my subscription to Motorcyclist. I like Cycle World too. I find them both funny and entertaining. I don't read motorcycle mags to decide on the bikes I buy. I use the data sheets in them to decide which ones I want to test ride. I do the same with MO. Journalists have opinions and no matter how much effort they put into being impartial, these opinions still tend to influence the final draft of an article. I don't fault them for this unless it is just blatant favoritism.


British bike mags are better. Something about censorship and saying what you mean?! Sometimes the things we do soften things up for the readers, whatever age or reason, all too often just ends up dumbing the article.

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Default Information vs. entertainment

Just like the evening news, the publishing companies have concluded that there is more money to be made in entertaining the reader vs. informing them. It's easier and cheaper for them to write stories and anecdotes than technical pieces.

The exceptions are out there but are harder to find like MCN and Grassroots Motorsports.
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Default Re: I like Motorcyclist

Speaking as a Brit and a keen reader of motorcycle publications from both the USA and the UK, I can't BELIEVE that Americans are taking the side of the British publications, comparing them favourably to Cycle World

and Motorcyclist! One of you guys even accused the American publications of being 'dumbed down' compared to the British publications. I can only wonder what publications you are reading. Can't be the same ones I see.

British magazines are written and designed for a target audience of thickos. Witness the photography in them, which is not only technically inept (there certainly ain't no British Kevin Wing out there), but also continues to re-hash shot after shot of loutish hooligan behaviour -- wheelies and stoppies on public roads, idiot testers, often underdressed, leering like adolescent inbreeds, abusive fingers raised to the camera.

The text is in the same vein. Mindlessly opinionated, subjective -- and with frequent references to 'faarking orf dahn the pub for a fag and a few beers'. Laddish, loutish, unprofessional -- and written in language best suited to the high school playground.

This kind of crap is clearly aimed at the beer-swilling lager louts. Perhaps such people buy more magazines than most, though I sincerely doubt they constitute a majority of motorcyclists.

How you people can prefer these things to Motorcyclist and Cycle World is beyond me.

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Default It ain

Certainly the British magazines have their entertainment value, but not for use as information about niggling details that seem to overwhelm potential buyers. They are not testing machines in their configuration as delivered to America.

But for the rest of the content, I have to side with the good people in the magazine world who have resisted the cries of the people for more base behavior and language out of 'respect' for their God given rights. I for one appreciate the hard work put forth to use a vocaulary which uses more than four letter words to accentuate and/or describe the highs and lows of a bike's performance. Free speech is about expression of ideas, not the right to use offensive language.

I do wish the magazine people could fret less about advertising dollars as they write articles.
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Default Re: Cycle World and Motorcyclist to Merge?

Well, if they actually do merge, between both magazine staffs maybe they can find at least one editor who actually proof reads the articles. Both magazines recently have shown appalling grammer, frequent misspellings and improper use of homonyms. (My 8 year old son was just in a homonym spelling bee. Maybe he could give them pointers.) Perhaps they can also get someone to make sure that a picture of BOTH sides of the bike appear in the articles.
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Default Re: I like Motorcyclist

I know that I sound stupid hear, but what mag's. are you talking about from the Brits? I only read mags for entertainment anyway, and it sound's like the Brits are a little more entertaing, might have to check a few out. Thanks
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Default Re: Cycle World and Motorcyclist to Merge?

It's all a matter of opinion, but IMHO, Cycle World

is to Motorcyclist as Motor Trend is to Autoweek (ok, maybe Car & Driver). As in, Cycle World seems

to be a wanton tart sidling up to whomever has the cash. I find Motorcyclist to be more objective and

real-world useful. The UK's "Sportbike" (another EMAP pub I think) is pretty entertaining, maybe not totally objective, but it balances that with a wonderful non-PC quality lacking on this side of the pond. 'Avin a larf, innit!
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