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Default Re: Whodathunk?

Early ST 13's Euro models had some weaving issues as I recall. I vaguely recall something about improper torque on triple clamp bolts.

Honda pulled another howler on the early Euro ST13's. They left a tab in ft of the drain plug which promptly snapped off whilst traversing the much steeper Euro "sleeping policemen" (speed bumps).

Could be something as simple as tire choice and/or tendency towards underinflation....
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Default Re: Whodathunk?

I guess 'superior' is relative these days, eh? Think the Harley Bashers Club might have a field day if a Harley did this? Nah. Must be tire inflation or some such thing. Right.
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Default Re: Whodathunk?

The only time I had a bike go into a high speed weave was when I put some cheap, non belted tires on it. This was years ago, but it (Yamaha Seca 750) never did it before or after I got rid of the 'bargain' tires.
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Default Re: Whodathunk?

The Brits also found a "hidden wobble" on the old Suzuki TL1000, prompting al sorts of un needed changes to the power band and adding a steering damper. Funny how in the end the problem did not really exist and all was OK. I have ridden an ST1300 and it handles fine over 120 mph (on a closed course...Ahem!) Ill bet it is the overloading with cop stuff and skill level of the rider.
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Default Re: Whodathunk?

Several riders on the ST-Owners.com forum say cranking up the adjustable pre-load in the rear is all it takes to get rid of the high-speed instability. Most people on the forum only experience it with the top-box on at 110-125 mph speeds.
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Default Re: Whodathunk?

Didn't these guys watch "The World's Fastest Indian"?

Or is this more like a nutation problem?

There's even an interesting Wikipedia article on the subject:

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