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priday 04-21-2007 02:39 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
Uhhh, yeah. Feel free to use the back brake exclusively...

But seriously, pretty interesting.


fumanchu 04-21-2007 02:47 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
interesting concept, but i'm skeptical that the ordinary citizen would be able to handle (or have time for) the added physics lessons. imagine the amount of time it would take the average would-be driver to get the necessary motorcycle, automobile, helicopter and airplane licensing/training needed to pilot one of these things.

i would see mandated public transportation catching on before this type of personal transport. YMMV.

Kreb_Cycle 04-21-2007 03:03 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
Wow, they've just started building their first commercial prototype to prove the technologies. Where's my checkbook?

tripleripple 04-21-2007 03:18 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
Might as well be a website about personal Starship Enterprises for everyone. Just as likely to happen.

Holy_Kaw 04-21-2007 03:28 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
Sounds fantastic, I want one.

Kenneth_Moore 04-21-2007 03:42 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
"After a brief hold at the taxiway, you roll onto runway 27 and head skyward. Within minutes, you're at altitude, clear skies, stereo on, a grin from ear to ear. As you approach the metro center, your music stops and ATC advises you to enter a holding pattern 12 miles to the NW. You join a line of 2,745 "PALs" flying in circles, awaiting their chance to enter the metro airspace and land. Suddenly, in your rear view mirror, you notice your "PAL" behind you is bent over, head just below the dash, apparently reaching for his dropped Eggamuffin. Before you can react, he's crashed into your rear, and you both spiral downward, streaming smoke and debris. Above you, the remaining 2,743 "PALs" breathe a sigh of relief, knowing their hold time has been reduced to only 2 hours and 18 minutes." If only gravity hadn't overcome his back brake...

Fenton 04-21-2007 03:50 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
Tiered licensing is going to be a byatch. And those crazy kids doing loops and barrel-rolls will ruin it for the rest of us;-)

pplassm 04-21-2007 04:14 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
There are so many inaccuracies and misleading statements on that website that I don't know where to begin.

I thought you worked in the aviation industry. I advise you to invest every dime you have into this project.

fumanchu 04-21-2007 05:04 PM

pal-v born obsolete
if the PAL-V inventors had done their research, they would have seen that erik buell was already one step ahead of them...

what can't that man do with a motorcycle swing arm?

The_AirHawk 04-21-2007 05:06 PM

Re: Imagine A Busy Day With PAL-V
100% vapourware.

The machine has not even made it completely through the "drawing board phase".

As an avid-reader of Popular Mechanics magazine whilst growing-up; I have seen no less than a dozen near-identical concepts grace the cover of that esteemed birdcage-liner.

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