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Default Re: The UK Solution

Yeah, because here in Canada we have it really rough, what with our Helmet laws and no restrictions whatsoever on displacement for new riders.

I mean, its terrible that kids can't go buy a litre bike. Oh wait. They can.

Next you'll be telling me its ridiculous to have night time riding restrictions on new drivers. With all your "the man is keeping me down" bull*****.

Cause if I wanna ram into a deer at 2 am after having my license for a week its my friggin right to!
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Default Re: Buy a Satellite phone

Why buy a sat phone when a cell phone works the same if not better?

I generally don't go out and buy a 50 dollar screwdriver set when I only need one screw driver. There's no point.

No one is debating sat transmissions aren't expensive but Onstar is commercial, not government. And it's widely successful. YOU go google it.
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Default Re: Buy a Satellite phone

6-Million-plus fools is a small number. The Kook thinks Globally, acts Locally. Has something to do with his "All-seeing-eye".

Of course, he fails to mention that the eye was just a dimestore-novelty that he superglued to his forehead one Halloween, and hasn't been able to get it removed since (the E.R. Staff can't stop laughing every time he goes in).
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политики предпочитают безоружных крестьян
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Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along now...
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Default Re: The UK Solution

To better expand on my point:

Try to avoid ksquid style statements. It leads to foot in mouth problems.

I could have said the castles in Europe are better. Or The B roads are better. The fact that the U.S. doesn't really have either is not the point. Hell, some would argue that the the entire range of vehicular selection is better in Europe. The most notable exception being full sized pick'em up trucks.
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