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Default Here here!

You sir, have a valid point.
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Default Ok, Ok.....

I commend the aforementioned professionalism and friendliness displayed by the investigating officers, and I DO hope that the guy who got clubbed will be OK. However: I doubt that if the victim was a "canyon racer" himself that the CHP would be putting forth the effort into catching the perps that they currently are. I don't want to marginalize the bikers kind gestures to the injured officer either, but at the same time, I can't help but think that they would suck up to the cops whenever possible in order to cash in their brownie points the next time they are facing a reckless driving charge.

Drive past a CHP officer at the timid (by sportbike standards) speed of 100MPH and find out how polite and professional they are then.
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Default Re: You

Um, by your comment, "riders, including this website, tend to automatically be against the motorcyclist..." I assume you mean that the Knoxille paper was anti-motorcycles?
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Default Re: Ortega Highway Motorcyclist Attack Update

I, for one, don't mind that the cops pull out all the stops to get someone who goes after a cop. If someone is A: brave enough, B: crazy enough, or C: stupid enough, to attack a cop then it is thought that they won't hesitate to attack me or you. Or your wife and kids. Or your mom and dad. I think you get the point.

I hope that the officer who was attacked gets well soon. I also hope that the thieves who did the attacking get caught and get prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. And then some.
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Default Re: Ortega Highway Motorcyclist Attack Update

The attack on the officer happened literally a few yards from where a couple was found murdered in their car a year or two ago. Passing by the next Saturday, there was no evidence anything had happened other than roadside memorials. Although the OC Sheriff provided a lot of media coverage and appeals for leads, there were no "informational roadblocks" with flyers being passed out.

Yes, this supports moonline's point...and no, this doesn't contradict my previous post.

BTW, the murders were recently solved. The husband was a physician who took out a contract on his wife. He drove her to the prearranged spot, and the hit man got the husband, too.
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Default Re: Perception is reality

I agree that the stereotyping of "canyon-racers" is crap. But, remember that perception is reality. Those who hear that stuff on the news and see sportbikers on the roads will believe whatever they perceive. Our responsibility is to combat those perceptions. Whether by riding politely and responsibly, talking with peers to further understanding about motorcycles, or anything that one may do to improve the public's perception.

I hope the patrolman recovers and is mature enough not to believe that all riders are delinquents. I also hope that they catch the idiot in California and that the devil in Tennesee gets exactly what he deserves.
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Default Re: You

No, I'm actually talking about cyclists who get angry at other cyclists for "making them look bad" when they do things that don't hurt anyone else. Like all the crap you got for wheelying the gixxer on a road. I may have attributed this to your site incorrectly just 'cause I've read a lot of that crap here.
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Default Re: Ortega Highway Motorcyclist Attack Update

Ugh, that's just plain sick. If there's any justice, this guy'll be successfully sued by the family and live in financial squalor for the rest of his miserable life. 50-50 he won't face any serious criminal charges.

What a Jerk:

Johnson, James R

S 133 Central St

Knoxville, TN 37902-1011


Our tax dollars hard at work? Why are these types of guys always ending up in law enforcement? They give the true police heroes a bad rep...
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Default Re: Ortega Highway Motorcyclist Attack Update

This may happen more often than we know. We had a case about 12 years ago where a guy was fleeing from police on a motorcycle. The cops decided to stop him by crushing him between two cruisers. The guy lost one foot & one leg below the knee. The cops got him to waive any civil action by offering to drop all charges. It never made the papers & I only found out about it because I represented the hospital when we sued the sheriff's department to recover the rather substancial hospital bills.
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Default Re: You

Cars suck has a point here, motorcyclists tend to be their own worst enemy. We are a fractious group that seems to scorn itself. We tend to scorn other motorcyclists for riding the wrong bike, being poseurs, being slow, being careless, pulling wheelies, not being able to pull wheelies, admitting to breaking the law, being in denial, having fat giirlfriends, being gay, being fat, being a , and even for spending too much time on MO.

While it does no good to get angry at each other we should at least admit that we do ourselves no favors when it comes to PR with respect to the cagers that share our highways and I say share with generousity in my heart since more than one cager has tried to do anything but share the road with me.

I too have wheelied up to a cruiser, and I've seen a wheely or two go disasterously awry. An 80 mph uncontrolled 400 lb hunk of metal, plastic, and burnt rubber has the potential to hurt others.

Accept this as a fact. Our activities sometimes pose a risk to others. We seem to ignore this because our bodies bare the lions share of the risks involved. Lose your bike on a left hander and it poses a risk to anything that happens to be of the road. Lose it on a righty and it enters the oncoming lane of traffic. If the cager my bike hit is uninjured his car may kill the four sportbikers behind you because your bike may have caused him to loose control. The only place where our antics pose no risk to others is at the track doing laps by yourself. So except it, we pose risks to ourselves and others.

I am not opposed to risk taking, just denial. Wheely to your hearts content, its fun, I love it, I also won't about being stopped for it.

Speed to your hearts content, just don't pull the I am only endangering myself crap.

Wave to that guy on the gold wing, he may be your father, luke...

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