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Default Funny how a halfbreed like you speaks badly of red staters

Genetically youÂ’re the bottom of the barrel pal Â…
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Default Re: Get a clue. You are long way from Kansas Dorthy

I thought you are making reverse mortgate SW..
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Default Re: BMW vs Harley Police Motorcycle debate Revs Up in CO.

Mine is a Poultry Genetic-Research and Development company. We are the World's oldest Pedigree Broiler Breeder.

That should be enough for you to figure out the name of my company.................
Parfois, on fait pas semblant
Sometimes, it's not pretend
Oderint Dum Metuant
Let them hate so long as they fear
политики предпочитают безоружных крестьян
Politicians Prefer Unarmed Peasants
Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along now...
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<blockquote>That will look good on your job resume...WE are the market the global economy is trying to reach...but keep buying the forien crap...just dont cry too hard when you take the paycuts/benefit cuts your purchasing decisions will force on you.</blockquote>

This attitude will certainly help damage the American economy. Yes, the American market is a powerful one, but it is definitely not the only one. If we do not step up and build competitive products, the rest of the world will continue to surpass us, and eventually do even more damage to the American workforce than you think that it is now.</p>

Just because the United States emerged from WWII as the largest global power doesn't mean that this will continue indefinitely. Furthermore, we are not entitled to it simply because we're Americans. Indeed, many very populus countries are emerging with increasingly powerful free market economies (China, India, Russia, etc). As these economies grow, they will catch up with us (not a matter of if, but when). In general, American transportation manufacturing has lots of catching up to do against the rest of the world. Simply buying American for the sake of itself is self defeating, because as foreign markets catch up with us, the relentless purchase of American products for the sake of itself will only allow American manufacturers to turn out products of inferior quality to their foreign competitors. In the long run, this will likely hit the American manufacturers even harder when they are forced to compete on a global scale.</p>

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have the United States be competitive in the foreign markets as those markets catch up to us. The only way to accomplish that is to build competitive vehicles. The American transportation market sector is clearly already suffering for this (well, not Harley...but the big three are all hurting badly). Why keep buying inferior products rather than voting with our wallets until they figure out how to turn out competitive products? Buying American now for the sake of itself will only make matters worse in the future.</p>

Besides, is there any reason why we're not capable of building better vehicles? The US has imposed taxes on vehicle imports, which already puts American manufacturers at an advantage. The competition is playing fairly. Has American ingenuity become so poor that we're afraid of a little foreign competition in the marketpalce? Maybe I'm just not getting something here.</p>
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Default Re: Jap tech = Old tech ... very old tech

<blockquote>Jeez, mr crotch rocket races sir, you sure have an ancient motor in your bike. Your bike is less modern than 12" vinyl records. </blockquote>

Are you kidding me? Sure, there is little that is completely new, but sportbike motors are built to increasingly high tolerances and are very reliable. Their power output per liter has grown greatly, and they are more efficient. If nothing has changed, why can my lowly SV650 outperform a Vincent Black Shadow (the most badass bike of its time) from the 60's in every way? Further, frame design has come a long way. There was no such thing as an extruded aluminum frame 40 years ago. Tires have also come a very long way. If you think that nothing has changed in motorcycling, perhaps you should ride a few more mc's.</p>

This is by no means a rip into Harleys. I like old sports cars which are technologically inferior to newer products. I like them because they offer a 'pure' experience. I get to drive a vehicle without an automatic tranny, ABS, or any electronic interference. It's just me, the machine, and the road. Similarly, Harleys are neat because they have an old steel frame, a tried and true suspension, and a barn-door torquey v-twin. They're cool because they largely use the same technology that was employed 50 years ago, and improvements on these concepts are transparent to the casual observer.</p>

At the same time, make no mistake; there is no performance comparison between a Harley and a modern sportbike.</p>

Finally, just because these technologies were originally invented a hundred years ago doesn't mean that modern engineering cannot make it better. Case in point -- my daily driver has a small turbocharged engine. This design is nearly a century old. However, I would have never considered a turbo charged car from 30 years ago as my daily hauler. The reliability alone makes the argument. The additional performance and smoother power delivery is icing on the cake.</p>

Find another argument for buying a Harley. There are plenty that make total sense. That one, however, is complete garbage.</p>
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