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Default Re: Balanced Story Regarding Motorcyle Accidents?

Buried in the G&A (general & administrative) costs that the underwriting industry uses to calculate their operating costs and or projected gross earnings (EBIT), are among other things, the costs associated with claim legitimacy verification and potential fraud. There is a $ % factored into policy premiums in anticipation thereof. serving to offset these costs, even if the insurer decides to pay an otherwise fraudulent claim for business practice reasons - for example, a particularly horrible vehicular death involving children, in which not paying the claim would reflect poorly on the insurer's public image.
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Default Mental giants

Why don't you and serasuzy send your idiot theory off to Motorcyclist and Cycle World. They can get some AMA riders with some "stock' bikes and prove it. Sportbikes have the best brakes from the leading manufactures vs. cruisers are several generations behind.. Geez Burns is proven right again "Bikers are such mental giants'" .... How about you dwarfs call up Erik Buell and tell him he wasting his time on his Buell front brake er "Hey Erik jus use that Sportster brake it will Get er done" says the AirHead
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Default Re: Mental giants

>sighs heavily<

Once again, someone failed to even remedially read the post before "shooting off their mouth".

Parfois, on fait pas semblant
Sometimes, it's not pretend
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Nothing to see here, Citizen. Move along now...
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Default Re: Balanced Story Regarding Motorcyle Accidents?

Kubitz is a *****, and so is anyone else who thinks like he does.

In 31 years of commuting, I've had plenty of close calls/near misses, some, even IN MY CAR. ON a bike, you have to expect people pull out and move over on you, because they don't see you. So, you, like, AVOID HITTING THEM. What the fvck is the big deal?

I swear, I hardly identify with the greater population of motorcyclists anymore, because you've all become such a bunch of crybabies about "cagers"...which is about dumbest euphemism for people driving cars that could ever have been coined.

"somebody pulled out on me, wah wah wah!" *sniffle*

Shut the fvck up, and RIDE YOUR BIKE.

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Default Re: Balanced Story Regarding Motorcyle Accidents?

Isn't it all about how a particular person decides to manage risk? I see a lot of people who buy bikes because they rode some dirt bike as a child, and still have fond memories of blissful days spent on the family farm. What do they do? They go and buy an 1800cc cruiser or a big ass sport bike and hit the road. If riders like that, or anyone else, do not feel comfortable on the road, then it is best they stop riding. It will be a long time, if ever, that motorcyclists become some sort of mainstream group. What struck me most disturbing about the whole article, was how (if memory serves correctly) motorcycles make up less than 3% of registrations in the U.S. That sucks! I believe we need more biker friendly laws, or laws that are enforced, and as long we we remain a fringe group, that will never happen.
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Default Re: Be logical please

just on the braking thing .....the only thing which limits your ability to stop ..all being equal as you say...is the amount of braking you can do before locking up the front wheel...

a cruiser being heavier will always get more traction than a sportsbike before the tire starts to skid ...hence you can apply more braking to compensate for the weight and stop quickly....thats the all things being equal case

now the situation as it occurs in reality ...both bikes do not have equal rubber and definitely not equal braking systems ...so while on inferior rubber it may be possible for the cruiser to outbreak the sportsbike but because of the set up of the brakes maybe not.

the discs on a sportier machine tend to dissapate the heat of braking much quicker than the cruiser set


heat build up in the discs will lead to brake fade and a similar loss of performance...so overall will tend to under perform against the sports bike set up...

i dont know what testing was carried out in MCN that you referred to but id imagine the best test would be to repeatedly test the brakes ..like down a mountain road or something and see if they were still as equal at the end..perhaps this is a more realistic test ..because obviously on any ride you will brake more than once right ?

my 2 cents..
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Default Bike most likely to be in an accident 1. GSXR, 2. TLR, 3. ZX-6, 4. CBR, 5. YZF-R

"of course kpaul's own theory that says the safest bike is the modern sportbike."

Progressive insurance statistic say the most likely motorcycle to have accidents are

1. Suzuki GSX-R;

2. 2. Suzuki TLR;

3. Kawasaki ZX-R;

4. Honda CBR;

5. Yamaha YZF-R.

Of course cretins like Kpaul would never let facts interfere with their theories.

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Default Re: Be logical please

Actually the argument is pointless. The difference in stopping distances between the best and worst bikes is only about ten feet anyhow. At 60 mph it only takes about .12 sec to travel 10 feet. Therefore the rider's alertness and skill far outweight any difference the brakes might make.

Someone who practices emergency stops regularly from various speeds is at an advantage over someone who doesn't... no matter what bike they are riding.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Balanced Story Regarding Motorcyle Accidents?

I have modifed my own urban riding patterns precisely due to increasing congestion and the fact that drivers are completely distracted by cell phone and other eletronic devices. I saw a guy driving his SUV the other day with one of those movies going while he was on a cell phone. Although I won't stop riding in town I have adopted a heavy track riding schedule to further my riding skills without the worry of bad roads and drivers. Personally, all cell phone useage should be banned from automobiles because its dangerous to all of the public.
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Default Re: It is, but.....


So unless somebody gets into biking at a young age, he or she should not get into it later in life? And of course, God forbid they are financially successful. Then they better stay away from biking?

I have been riding for 30 years but have a couple of friends (male and female) whom are financially successful and have taken up biking at an "advanced" age. I can just imagine what theyÂ’ll have to say to BS like that.

"IÂ’m guessing these guys annoy you more than they do me!"

If the choices folks make how they spend their money annoy you, I would suggest you go get a life because you must be the saddest little man (exception being kp) on this board.

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