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Default Getting back to basics

"kpaul's theory is that because cruisers are such dogs (heavy and non-agile), cruisers are sitting ducks for commuting.

I already said that a good rider on a cruiser will stop faster than you, corner better than you, and avoid accidents easier than you. Skill will get you out of a jam. Maybe you need to go read 'It ain't the Tool" about 100 more times until it sinks in. We can prove my theory easily, but you will never show. Martin Hackworth was in your neck of the woods a couple years back and wanted to ride with you, but you were nowhere to be found. I wonder why? Maybe you know something we don't? I have ridden with Buz, Martin, Gabe, Fonzie, and Sean. Never said I was the fastest rider in the world, but I showed up and had fun. I stayed alive for 39+ years of city riding and touring the country. Prove us all wrong KPaul. I'd love to see you do it.
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Default Re: Bike most likely to be in an accident 1. GSXR, 2. TLR, 3. ZX-6, 4. CBR, 5. YZF-R

Best you be asking Progressive insurance about the TLRÂ’s. My guess is the data is stale/old.

Stale data or not, it does prove the point that sport bikes are by far the most dangerous bikes on the road. I believe that to not be necessarily by virtue of the bike itself, but mostly by virtue of the cretins that ride them.

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Default Re: Mental giants

Not all

- cruiz-euro
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Default Re: 3 dorks on parade.

"If you've ever had to fix your bike because some a$$hole RUB with more money than sense did something to it "for a prank", then told you "It's fixable, whattyer bellyachin' about", when the same SOB rides a new $25K+ Harley, you just *might* have a different attitude."

How is what the person can afford in any way related to the extent of your loss? One fairly wealthy individual p!sses you off and now you are on a crusade. Get a life dude.

I frequently have to deal with a number of low-income SOBs who do damage my rental properties. I take them to court and make them through their snouts. I suggest you do the same.

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Default Re: 3 dorks on parade.

I feel like I'm arguing with KPaul here.

I refuse to continue this. Therefore, I must yield to your vastly superior circular (il)logic..............
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