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LoganGixY2K 03-08-2001 04:38 AM

Re: Yamahas and Suzukis -- Come and Get
I heard from a few reliable sources that the 1000s that have been released so far were just for display purposes (and most of them Grey and Black). The first real shipment will be here before the end of March. I got money down on one; it won't be the first one, but I'll get it at a good price ($11000 OTD/in CA). I was waiting for the 1000 last year but ended up buying the 750 which is an awesome bike. 131rwhp and 420lbs wet.

And I based my buying decision on:

GSXR 750 (kick ass bike) + 25rwhp + 20fttq =

GOD'S GIFT TO EARTH (and specially sportbike riders)

Well, at least for this year. But if the rumors of Suzuki's plans for the 1000 are correct, man! this bike will rule for a long time (hint: new heads, bigger valves, new set of injectors...185rwhp in 2004). Then again, these are just rumors.

I always say:

Stop being LOYAL to one brand name and you'll enjoy bikes a whole lot more. And you know who you are ;-)

P.S. Suzuki's delivery process/system SUCK ASS!!!

Dryfly 03-08-2001 05:21 AM

Re: Yamahas and Suzukis -- Come and Get
You forgot the great trout fishing, beer and overly kind people!

dfischer 03-08-2001 08:35 AM

Re: Yamahas and Suzukis -- Come and Get
Are either if you aware of any of Mark Twain's more famous sayings? Like the one that starts "better to remain..."

CarsSuck 03-08-2001 09:06 AM

I guess
it depends whether it's from the perspective of someone who likes toys or someone who really uses motorcycles

sportbikes are fun

standards rule

Hamfisted 03-08-2001 10:24 AM

Re: What do you know about Croatia looser???
When did this become a discussion of Greece? And what do the Jews have anything to do with it? That's what's wrong with you people, it always comes down to race. Instead of isolating yourselves from one another by forming little unstable countries, embrace your diversity and unify. I say that to myself whenever I eat at Taco Bell for lunch -- Viva La Mexico!!!

And there ain't no way I'm sticking my arse anywhere near eastern Europe until the Soviets bring back the Iron Curtain. During the Cold War, I didn't hear of any trouble with Croats, Serbs or Albanians. Now that they're free, they go running around killing each other. Oh Lennon, can you hear me cry out your name?

In America, we only fear little 8-year old Catholic school girls. They seem to have a nasty little habit of bringing guns to class and shooting their classmates. I'm sure you know how much trouble those Catholics can be...

jetpilot 03-08-2001 11:54 AM

Re: Yamahas and Suzukis -- Come and Get
Picked up my Gixxer thou two weeks ago from my dealer. Had the first deposit down back in November. Mine was out the door for 10,599 plus the extended waranty. That's 9,995 dealer list plus tax and title! No freight or prep.

Still two much snow and salt on the ground to brave riding it yet. It sits in my garage with 0 miles on the odo and a dust cover over it! Maybe I'll wax it while waiting for Spring.

p.s. Other dealer accross town wants 10,250 and will not have one until April. Both dealers only have two allocated for the entire year! Better get your deposit down soon if you want one!!!!

ebone 03-08-2001 06:31 PM

Re: Yamahas and Suzukis -- Come and Get
Mines in will pick-up sat. Michigan, I'm going to break this baby in soon as the weather breaks...Ebone B/G GSXR 1000

P-Ratt 03-09-2001 06:06 AM

Re: Come and Get? Came & went!
Our GSX-R1000 came in 2 weeks ago and went out to someone who had a deposit on it at Thanksgiving. We just got our FZ-1 in yesterday. It should go out late today or early tomorrow. Our shop is in College Station, Texas, so I imagine there are plenty already circulating the rest of the US of A. Supply will probably not meet the initial demand for either bike.

scorpion 03-10-2001 03:20 PM

Re: Yamahas and Suzukis -- Come and Get
I placed a deposit in October 30 2000. They required a minimum $300. The delivery on my black and silver is mid April 2001. I cannot wait until that delivery date!

wang 03-10-2001 03:54 PM

Re: I guess
I must agree, I have two (2) bikes that no sane squid loves a B-12 and a Kat-6. Get this , though :who can ride an 800 mile day? OK, two 800 mile days? On either bike? Ride to work on monday,in the rain,for P.T. after it all? That's right,I can!! (probably quicker than the majority,too)

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