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Default Re: An Unholy Ordinance!

Someone should get this to the AMA Hotline and fight it..
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Default Re: An Unholy Ordinance!

Exactly. That's why I ride all my stuff on the sidewalks, as fast as possible. I am geting old now so all you have to look out for is 3 electric scooters , 1 Yamaha with knobbies, 1 Toyota 4wd, and 1 Winnebago. I am really looking forward to moving to North Port and then it will just be a matter of time until I can run right into that fine city attorney. Was that/ is he yet another lawyer joke or what?
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Default Re: An Unholy Ordinance!

Area nuke 'em with "bunker-blaster" weapons.

The good news:

Residual radiation would be minimal

Death rate would not increase, merely be accelerated by 6 to 12 months

'Gators and such could be re-introduced from existing FL stock

Gulf levels would lower a bit thereby helping protect desolate cities like New Orleans

Oil and natural gas exploration could be expanded

Vaporized sand and the associated fine particulates would circumvent our universal demise - GLOBAL WARMING

The bad news:

Al Gore would make another movie
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Default Re: An Unholy Ordinance!

I've been wondering, lately, how many of the loud-piped peabrains would actually show up and read this. It goes along with the whole "oblivious to other people" gestalt they have going on.
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