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Default Re: Stormwatch

Although I now live in NoCal, I used to live in

Vancouver, British Columbia. A lot of rain

falls there in the winter.

What did I do?

I threw on a rainsuit and rode... pretty much

everyday... it's not all that bad once you get

used to it.

-- Michael

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Default Re: Move to another state...

You poor b@st@rds !! 13 inches of rain in a single month ?!? I honestly don't have a thing to say about what I do in the non-riding months cause we don't have any in Florida. This is "god's waiting room" so the only problems on the road we have are the old farts that come down here for the winter and clog the roads up looking for early bird specials, golf games that start at 8:00a.m., doctor's appointments at the same time and that sort of thing. They can't even get out of their own way, much less drive and get out of your way.

If it makes ya' feel any better, it does drop into the 30's for a few days each winter so sometimes you have to wear layers of clothes. Other than that, it rains every day in the afternoon during the summers but you can plan to be out of that most of the time. Flat as a pancake though, no canyons or mountain passes. Hey, it won't rain forever though and it's about to be summer. Get out and ride !!
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Default Re: Stormwatch

Well, not being able to ride is quite frustrating, a fact that I (as well as other NY'ers) know well.

I say you have to take your mind off of it at all costs. My suggestion? Eat a live frog every day you can't ride. This way, you know for certain that nothing worse will happen to you or the frog for the rest of the day. Also, the day you do finally get to ride, no matter what happens to you, you can still say, "Well, at least I didn't have to eat a live frog today."

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Default Re: Stormwatch

By far the most enjoyable thing I did to keep it in my blood while stuck in Ohio was polish frames and swingers. What an easy way to steal $750 from the zipper heads. Try it! Six Thousand in one winter buys a lot of accessories or motor work. My ZX6r would eat gsxr750's!

tip: must have heated garage or basement that

you can get bike in to
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Default Re: Stormwatch

I think my user name says it all. When it's dry, I'm on the CBR; when it's wet, I'm on the XR. Riding a dirt bike is fun and can help improve your street riding skills. Feeling how a bike reacts to skids and slides can be invaluable in saving your hyde on the street.
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Default the trick is

to get it to fall as snow, then it's a lot more fun to ride in. You still need a rainsuit though. Maybe you Californians should move to Wisconsin so you can ride all year. Or just send me cool weatherproof gear and stuff to review for you in winter so that you have some articles since you can't ride.
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Default Re: Stormwatch

Hey, you Californians got our Seattle rain! Give it back! Um, on second thought... I'm pretty happy up here. Usually February's pretty miserable in Seattle, but this year's an exception and the weather's beautiful. When the weather goes bad, I still ride, or read bike magazines, or drive my car in the rain. There was an article in December, or maybe January, edition of BiKE (the UK publication) on how to survive winter. Very helpful suggestions! Check that out.
\"I will not instigate revolution.\" -Bart Simpson
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Default Re: Stormwatch

Well I live in Indonesia, and believe me it's far wetter here !! It usually rains everyday for 6 months (rainy season).


I ride a SV650 but every time it rains I always put out my old RM125(2stroke kicks ass!) and have a lot of fun on the soccer field next to my house. Although the local soccer club is always how I wrecked their field(I did), it's always been alot of FUN !!!
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Default Re: Stormwatch

Hee hee. Up here in the Vancouve area we've had about 20% of our normal rainfall for February. Right now it's sunny and in the low 50s.

Loncin Italika EX200-21
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Default Re: Stormwatch

Rain in winter....shocking....

How my cold, wet English heart bleeds for you guys.

Try: Rain suits. Waterproof boots. Wet hands and runny noses. Slick roads, diesel spills. Mud on Road signs.


Ride offroad and get wet and dirty on purpose!


Try: A car with a stereo and a heater

That's what we Brits do!
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