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draz 02-28-2001 05:24 AM

Re: Stormwatch
I live in Washington DC and the weather has been pretty bad. Lots of cold rain and some snow. I get through the winter by taking a vacation to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Skiing and snowmobiling. If you've never ridden a snowmobile in two feet of fresh powder, you haven't lived yet. You think you hang off your motorcycle on high speed corners? Sleds have grab rails on the handlebars so you can really hang off. And it doesn't hurt nearly as bad when you flip over and wreck....

Chris_VTR 02-28-2001 06:19 AM

Re: Stormwatch
I normally try to take out some of my riding frustration on Superbike 2001 by EA Sports. It's got a very realistic physics model, and you can get quite good at it if you have a decent controller.

I also spend time re-watching motorcycle videotapes, such as the ones by Fast Bikes and Performance Bikes magazines. "Dream Twins" by FB is a good one as it shows LOTS of riding and not a lot of annoying banter. I find myself leaning into the turns as I watch.

Neither of these solutions is exactly a direct replacement for real riding, but when stuck inside the house, they're a reasonable substitute.

Trax 02-28-2001 06:35 AM

Re: Stormwatch
Just recieved news that my new CBR 600 F4 Sport (F4i) would be delivered in a couple of weeks.

A new helmet and leathers are already in my closet.

Just to bad we still have a metre of snow and minus 10 degrees in Norway. The winter has been a cold one so far.

Sure hope that the summer will be a dry and warm one, it was not last year.

Anyone seeing any effects of the global warming!

Should we burn more oil in order to speed things up?

Maybe we will get a 12 months season in Norway too?

ÆÆ Trax ØØ

mx5 02-28-2001 07:24 AM

Re: Stormwatch
I live in Vancouver, we've had one of the driest winters on record ! You moved too soon

dave_NH 02-28-2001 09:04 AM

Re: Stormwatch

Boy, you Californians just can't stop bragging. Next you're going to try and tell us how you measured it.

kermy20 02-28-2001 09:07 AM

Re: Stormwatch
Here in good ole austin, tx, it seems that the weather gods disagree with my need to go out and ride. I moved down here a month ago and it's been raining, or threatening rain for at least half that time.

And I say screw em. I just got my GSX-R1000 and im gonna ride it, whether or not the ground is's a bit cold, too, but i can deal.

H1Rabbit 02-28-2001 09:57 PM

Re: Stormwatch
Well Minime,

Our dry spell continues here in Seattle. A funny thing though; we had a bunch of precipitation today. It turns out that it wasn't rain, and it wasn't snow, and it wasn't even hail.

It started "raining" bricks (believe it or not)... and chunks of concrete & marble... and chimneys, and wooden support beams. You should see some of the cars around here. It was pretty unusual, but it sure broke-up an otherwise dull day. (A lot of folks were sleeping-in after the Fat Tuesday rioting last night).

By the way, you know all that rain of ours that you guys are getting.? If we had received our normal winter share by now, we would have gotten a LOT more mud slides to add to the whole experience.

Now THAT would have made for a Grand Slam day, huh.

Tompkins 03-01-2001 06:28 AM

Re: Stormwatch
Or you can stay inside and drink a bunch of beer like SB8RC is doing right now.

sqidbait 03-01-2001 03:51 PM

Re: Stormwatch
Nah, NoCal has pretty dry winters too. ( Esp where

I live. )

Besides, I was happy to leave BC. ICBC has very

inconsistent insurance rates for bikes. Back in

BC, the additional insurance for a second bike

would kill me. Here, insurance is reasonable enough

that a couple more fully insured bikes are a real


-- Michael

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