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Default Re: A Sign of Things to Come?

Hey! Bush is a lying idiot and I'm quite sure the the people in this thread are aware of that. The main thrust of Seruzawa's comment is that all power seeking political panderers are the same. H. L. Mencken had no problem with pointing out that all polititians are full of horse sh!t. Including the so called liberal ones you seem so enamored with.
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Default Re: A Sign of Things to Come?

The most accurate way of phrasing it is that:

I'm slightly more positive towards the liberal politicians than I am toward the conservative politicians, who I pretty much distrust and detest. I've been burned by every political group you can imagine in Canada.

I agree with Mencken completely, in other words.

The Bush comment was more a joke than anything.

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Default Re: A Sign of Things to Come?

It worked for me.
Mongo just pawn in game of life.
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