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A_Nominal_Squid 02-15-2001 03:13 PM

Keep BellHowell out
While this is an excellent idea, it'd be even better if Bell & Howell didn't do it. As are most motorcycle/snowmobile/auto dealers, I'm forced to use their products on a daily basis, and they suck badly. Without going into a rant on irrelevant topics (computers, et al), let's just say that their performance and quality leaves a lot to be desired, and you pay very highly for the privilege of using their product.

Say, there's another avenue of revenue that MO could explore...blip?

tony 02-15-2001 03:42 PM

Re: EBay and Team Up
I don't get it. I mean most of the fun of buying a used bike is looking it over, kicking the tire and talking bikes with the owner/dealer. Maybe buying a new bike but a used bike??

I've been looking/contemplating buying a bike for 6 months and I find the looking to be part of the fun.

Tomorrow I pick up my new Bandit from the dealers and yes I look forward to riding it home but also the conversation that will happen at the dealers. Friday afternoon there will be several folks hanging around to see whats new. I guess the dealer that I've bought my last three bikes from is more like a club or meeting ground then just a dealership.

My 2cents,


zamboni 02-15-2001 03:42 PM

Re: EBay and Team Up
Second post! Yessss! Boy am I cool.

Roland 02-15-2001 06:43 PM

So far... So good...
Any bike in a dealer's inventory can be easily added to eBay's motorcycle section. This does include their new inventory.

The response to this from dealers has been great so far.

Bikes posted on eBay using this service include links in the auction that take you to bike specs or bike reviews contributed by MCW users.

Pretty nice if your shopping for a bike.


Sparky 02-16-2001 02:05 AM

Re: EBay and Team Up
You're cool because you're shaving ice!

MrCrashHappy 02-16-2001 03:50 AM

Learn to count, hockey puck. :) (nm)

Bo 02-16-2001 05:43 AM

Re: EBay and Team Up
Got to agree with you Tony my visits to my dealer are always fun. Sometimes go just to drink coffee and BS with who ever is there. My dealer is running a tour from Vancouver to Vegas in the fall so we can all get together and have a good time. Not limited to customers just anyone who loves riding.


CBR1000F 02-16-2001 11:24 AM

Re: EBay and Team Up
I have to say... I've been looking at motorcycles online, and I checked EBay just yesterday. I wondered who the hell would bid on/buy a bike in some other state, in unknown condition, and then either pay to have it shipped, or go to pick it up, sight unseen? It makes no sense to me.

muthafahka 02-17-2001 12:28 PM

Re: EBay and Team Up
i'd rather continue checking the classified adds as in here and mc shopper than bidding on ebay. i like to get a decent deal like the next guy and don't like the idea of a bidding war for a bike that i haven't seen and had no chnce to talk to the owner. too much speculation like at any auction and then your on your own.

auctions just don;t do it for vehicals. besides my local paper still has lots of classified adds for me to read in the john.

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