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maladg 07-15-2005 05:09 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
Well, looks like Longride nailed it. All further posts including this one - are redundant.

Regardless of which side of the political aisle you plant your buttski on, you need to watch the MSM (main stream media) REAL close.

They are lazy, incomptent liars. They intentionally shape the message from the right and the left to gin up interest in "the horse race" which only benefits them.

When was the last time you read an MSM news story that you have DIRECT personal knowlege of AND you noted that the MSM lazy, lying,lowlife author got it right?

maladg 07-15-2005 05:10 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
And another thing: that was the broadest paintbrush I could find! And the most lurid paint color.

DaveFla 07-15-2005 05:18 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
I think you're on to something there- maybe it's basic to the social structure:

Did these other monkeys (who might be like me) you are telling me about climb too far down the tree trunk and torment the jaguar that ate them (did they DESERVE their fate, as they were more stupid than I)?

Sigh. The general public may think riding motorcycles is risky, but I wish I were reckless enough to talk on a cellphone while driving a two-ton vehicle that's running on tires whose pressure hasn't been checked since the last oil change, four months ago...

jwsjostrom 07-15-2005 05:31 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
In 35 years in the newspaper business I bet I've written only one or two motorcycle crash articles. It's just the luck of the draw--somebody besides me was walking past the editor's desk when the story was being assigned.

How-some-ever, in every crash story (I don't like to use the word "accident" because they usually aren't), a reporter wants to learn as many as possible of the factors that contributed to the crash and the death, which might include alcohol, speed, road conditions, seat-belt use, the type of vehicle, traffic conditions and, of course, whether a biker was wearing a helmet.

Sometimes helmet use is relevant, sometimes not. If a helmeted rider dies in a 100 mph crash against a bridge abutment, a crash investigator might say "His head was fine but..."

A properly done news article will distinguish between risk factors that are not within the driver's control, like suddenly-appearing road hazards, and factors that are, like speed, drug/alcohol impairment, seatbelt use and of course helmet use.

Someone with a perverse sense of justice, and that includes some reporters, may feel that an un-helmeted or drunk driver "deserves" the consequences of his/her actions. In our saner moments, however, we are attempting to chronicle the circumstances that produced a result.

RIDE SAFE everybody! I don't want to write about you unless you're running for mayor.

Joe Sjostrom

Chicago Tribune

zxr250cc 07-15-2005 06:12 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
I am always hearing on the TV news if people are or are not wearing a seat belt in accidents. maybe the same is true for news about us on bikes. It is just another detail. (I am near Raleigh, NC and the WRAL link is for a recent local accident.) The local TV stations report about seat belt usage here as well as helmets for motorcyclists.

Solace 07-15-2005 06:24 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
The interest being served depends on one's perspective. For the general non-riding public, many of whom think you're crazy for getting on a bike in the first place, the no helmet detail serves to excentuate the already perceived recklessness. To riders who are pro helmet (I'm from Canada, it's the law, I also only ride fully suited so call me "Pro"), it provides details that are of interest in assessing the crash from riders viewpoint "the could it have happened that way to me". From the perspective of someone who believes helmets should be optional, well, no purpose is served other than to potentially reinforce conspiracy theories, and maybe further the view about not heeding what "the man" wants. That all said my opinion is, for the most part this is simply a "shake your head, it didn't have to end up this way" detail. It's like hearing about deaths in a housefire and then reading there were no working smoke alarms. You can't be sure it would have saved them, but deep down you know it very well might have.


iamz 07-15-2005 07:08 AM

I have also noticed that in any workplace accident report that makes the news (usually if it involves a death) they report whether OSHA rules were being followed and or if any safety features (lock-out tag-out etc.) were bipassed. It's pretty normal to report such stuff.

sekrasta 07-15-2005 08:47 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
Kinda like when someone gets murdered we always hear about what race the victim and suspect were. Just ways to shape our mind and people that want to make laws want us to wear helmets. Why? Reduces medical costs and life insurance payout for insurance companies. If it is a law dealing with the road, you can bet 100 to 1 that an insurance company lobby pushed it into place.

sportbikebandit 07-15-2005 09:45 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
Because it is a fact that riders that wear a helmet have a better chance to survive the accident

Always wear a full-face helmet

mike_lashmore 07-15-2005 10:42 AM

Re: The Riders Were or Were Not Wearing Helmets
I just want to say that when a police car is running with siren and lights, they are usually going fast, and it is common for them to be involved in accidents. My brother had to stop short once to avoid a speeding police car, and it broke the brakes on his '69 Baracuda.

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