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sportbikebandit 06-21-2005 07:55 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
Wearing a helmet is just good common sense. Just like wearing a seatbelt. In addition to the medical and legal costs with a rider who is injured not wearing a helmet, there is a social cost to his family and community...Helmet laws are no brainers...Riding is a priviledge not a right. Opposition to common sense laws like this make motorcycle riders look like idiots... Valuable political capital is lost....I wear a helmet when I ride a bicycle, ski, snowboard, skate board etc..

macmanjim 06-21-2005 07:57 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
More like American Bikers Aiming Towards Extinction. Let darwinism rule.

Hutchinator 06-21-2005 08:18 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
I agree wearing a helmet/seatbelt is common sense. I wear one of 'em every single time I'm on the road. Problem with that line of resoning is that common sense isn't common, nor does it make sense to most people.

What I have a problem with is somebody else telling me what is good for me, or in my best interest. Do you wear an bringht orange traffic vest when you ride? To ride on base, I'm required to because it is safer, prevents me becoming a sploch on the road, saves the AF from having to pay my family and retrain someone else in my stead. Would you like to see that law too? It's just common sense to the powers that govern the military. (Did I just use sense and military in the sentence?)

I believe that if that is a risk someone is comfertable with (kind-of like skydiving) let them take it. If they have been informed so they can make an educated choice, and chose what I feel is the wrong chioce, it is still thier choice. Again, Dawinism.

It might seem heartless, cycnical, or maybe I'm just an @$$. But, we are talking about adults here (the laws all said for those over 21). Let them decide what's best for thier own good, or what risks they're willing to live with, such as wither to ride in a cage, or on a bike. SOme think that's too risky as is. To each thier own.

Woody650 06-21-2005 08:53 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
One can certainly be injured or die wearing a helmet, but it's definitely not "as easy" to die wearing one as not.

The only good study to date, the Hurt report, concluded helmeted riders and passengers showed significantly lower head and neck injury for all types of injury, at all levels of injury severity. (Talk about common sense!)

However, that does *not* mean there should be a law requiring helmet use. Motorcyclists are more likely to die (helmet or not) in an accident than car drivers....should motorcycles be outlawed?

I agree it's common sense...but you can't legislate common sense. Most of the country believes it is common sense that riding a motorcycle is dangerous. Simply by riding one we're throwing common sense to the wind, so our "political capital" isn't high to begin with.

Although I always wear a helmet, I don't support helmet (or seatbelt) laws for adults. Or any "for your own good" laws for adults, for that matter.

That said, I also think we look like fools fighting to rescind helmet laws in states where they've been passed. There are better ways to spend our time/money, like educating riders and increasing public awareness.

(As an aside, true "liberalism" is based upon the belief that government should generally preserve personal liberty (hence the name), not obstruct FYOG laws are not the result of true liberal thinking...and neither of the two current political parties in the US have a consistently liberal platform.)

Hutchinator 06-21-2005 08:58 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
Careful, I've got rabies.

caderider 06-21-2005 09:16 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
I ain't kicking this one

sarnali 06-21-2005 10:06 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
That's what it used to be, I guess it got changed along the way.

sportbikebandit 06-21-2005 10:48 AM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
"That said, I also think we look like fools fighting to rescind helmet laws in states where they've been passed. There are better ways to spend our time/money, like educating riders and increasing public awareness." Well said. Excellent Point

mikenomad 06-21-2005 10:48 AM

Where Will It End?
Next thing you know, they'll be requiring shoes and shirts in restaurants.

orcyclist 06-21-2005 12:56 PM

Re: The end of so-called ''freedom''?
Oh, come on folks.
If you value your head wear a helmet. Honest, wearing protective gear is not akin to being a "sissy".
Remember it's not always your fault when a collision occurs. I ride 110 miles a day - EVERY day- rain or shine (in Oregon). I see more brain-dead, Starbucks-drinking, cell phone-using, SUV-driving morons daily to make me conclude that going "out there" without protective gear is just too big a risk.

As my duaghter (16 yrs old) said as we rode through Daytona and saw the helmetless folks - "Must have nothing worth protecting, eh?"

To the AMA: getting behind this helmet repeal effort is one reason why I refuse to join! Don't you see that as injury rates go up for motorcyclists it affests all of us with higher insurance premiums. Wake up!

'nuf said.

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