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Default Re: Kelly Militti Tries for Bun Burner 1500

Yeah, Aaron Frank got bounced because he had the termidity to admit he drank Red Bull, and that he occasionally opened it up - somewhere between Denver and Omaha. About the only thing I'd worry about hitting out there is one of the world's largest $hit piles, just east of the I-70/I-80 junction.

Fatigue kills! And don't try telling me that Gary Egan made it for the top of Alaska to Key West in 55 hrs, without getting bone-dead tired.

Proper planning, My A$$!
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Default Re: Kelly Militti Tries for Bun Burner 1500

Come on, if I could ride a Bandit 600S from Little Rock, AR to Salt Lake City, UT in 22 hours, whats the big freaking deal? I guess the main difference between her group and myself is that I prepared the bike properly before leaving and mine didn't break down. And I don't need a license plate frame to tell myself and everyone else that I'm stupid enough to travel very long distances in inadequate amounts of time. Oh, and when I did it, I hadn't done anything like it before so I didn't realize how freaking stupid I was being. And, no, I will never do that sort of stupid thing again. I've done it once, and I learned my lesson. I even broke the return trip down into 2 days. Of course, it didn't help that the day before I came back to AR from UT I went up to ID... Still, you live and learn. And I learned never to do that again. By the way, I-70 between Denver and Kansas City is very, very, very boring. Even at night.
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Default Re: Kelly Militti Tries for Bun Burner 1500

I have done San Diego to Seattle in less than 18 hours I think - it was definately less than one day.

But why would you want to drive that far just to get to Mission Beach? I live 15minutes away and don't waste my time.
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