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Default Re: HST's Ashes

Ummm..... Again, how is killing ones self noble. this line of thinking truley baffles me. Maybe Christian was a little harsh, but it's not like he died for a cause. Maybe some mental illness caused it, maybe disease (addiction). Neither is noble. Both are in reality very sad. Ask anyone who has suffered from them to any extent.

It is interesting that because he lived his life to extreme excess, that many of those who seemingly worship his work, even woship (or at least honestly defend) how he died. Could it be that his glorification of the life he lived had something (or a lot) to do with the huge insecurities that he had.

Very talented, but very screwed up man.

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Default Re: Well Said!

schitzu, u labia-brained moron u totally miss the point as usual. If fried chicken contained fewer polyunsaturated triglycerides, then gun laws would be rendered redundant.
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Default Re: Well Said!

So you're really saying HST was pathetically weak and could be easily manipulated to kill himself.

Or are you saying that he was just another "victim" of our society? How liberal of you!

Still not over the election, are we?
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Default Re: Well Said!

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Default Re: HST's Ashes

Mooner wrote:

"Very talented, but very screwed up man."

And mankind is lucky that we take the good with the bad. There are few if any geniuses, literary or otherwise, who approached perfection. Many, many talented artists, musicians, writers, engineers, inventors, etc. that have contributed so much to our lives have had character flaws and/or mental disabilities. Criticizing them for not being perfect is sour grapes.
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Default Brother Burns...

Are you missing Kpaul as much as I? At least he was good at stirring the pot. Anyhoo, no point in dicing on this subject with the right wingers. They make some valid points, but I doubt they see where you're coming from.

As for ****zu's claim that leftists are irrelevent, well that's what happens when year after year republican policies rape our schools of funding, meaningful employment lags forcing parents to work more and more for less and less thereby leaving less time to parent, which adds to the mass dumbing down of our body politic which keeps them from being able to exercise critical analysis. Most people now are good for a soundbyte's worth of thought and little else. Regurgitation.

Of course we Dems have our problems too. We're just as full of it at times as the other guys. We've lost our identity because we've allowed the Republicans to vilify the concept of being a liberal. This moderate movement is B.S., and really nothing more than politicking in itself.

Huh? What was I talking about?

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Default Re: Brother Burns...

Just when I think I maybe, probably, have more in common with the left, some self-satisfied dumb***** like you types words. Hi-five, prick.
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Default Something I've noticed...

Let's blame liberals for everything - FOX News does. After all, we can't hate our past scape-goats: n!ggers, kikes and faggots. Nice to see that americans can still get behind that good-old Klan mentality...Get me some lumber and some gasoline boys; I'm fixin' to burn a cross.

Yep, nothing like taking money away from education to bomb the hell out of Iraq, so the a bunch of rich Texans can get richer. Hey, it's the American way.

Now, that's Democracy in action.
Yeah, well, you can get up and leave, DEAL WITH IT!
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The Toad

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Default Re: Something I've noticed...

You've got one propaganda agency that's right wing in a sea of left wing running dog propaganda outlets and you can't ever seem to get over it. Take a break. Just don't watch Fox. You can get all the self-congratulating commieprop you want to hear on ABC, CBS, NPR, etc. etc.

Bushbaby actually increased the Fed Education budget by some 5 billion bucks a few years back. He's a worse social spender than Clowntoon and fiscally makes Clowntoon look like a conservative! What you guys call "cuts" are simply failures to keep expanding the programs at several multiple of inflation. Cuts, ha! They never ever cut anything. Don't buy that propaganda. They spend and spend and spend without any benefit to show for it.

The Education money goes mainly to pay an army of harmful bureaucrats whose most notable achievement since the inception of the worthless Dept of Education is to get some 9 million innocent children hooked on amphetamines and turn the inner city schools into concentration camps. Maybe they should quit trying to "help".

Jeez. The Fed Govt spends money worse than any drunken sailor. Almost 1 million bucks per citizen is spent each year. How much is enough? That fool, McCain, said the Fed Budget is austere! As an ex-drunken sailor I resent being compared to the Federal Govt!!

Screw the Republicrats. Both of 'em get us stuck in stupid foreign wars and waste our wealth without the slightest twinge of conscience. And the media outlets are just hacks whose purpose is to fool you into thinking there is any diference between the two parties that means spit. Divide and conquer. Don't fall for it.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Re: Something I've noticed...

Basically all you have to do is listen to Al Franken or go to MoveOn.org and they'll tell you what "FOX News!" said. It's funny to watch the lefties doing backflips over one cable news channel.

I guess controlling all the major newspapers and media outlets isn't enough these days.
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