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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

"YO-r NAY-m"

just like it's spelled.
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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

Well, if you are going to get run over it's probably best that you get run over by an ambulance.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default John Wayne, outed in

Miller: John Wayne was a fag.

Bud: What did you say man?

Plettschner: Whaa?

Oly: What?

Miller: John Wayne was a fag.

Everyone: The hell he was.

Miller: He was too you boys. I installed two way mirrors in his pad in Brentwood. And he'd come to the door in a dress.

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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

No way man, I want to get run over by a hot chick in a Beemer with no resulting injuries that guilt luv won't heal.

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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

Did the police give him a ride back to pick up the bike they made him leave on the side of the road?
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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

I usually don't feed the fire and respond to comments about cops. I could say something witty like, "Cops don't have a quota, we can write as many tickets as we want", but that would only inflame the naysayers.

Most cops I know are doing there job to help their community. I became a motor cop since most of the fatalities, injuries, and monetary damages were mainly from traffic collisions in our town. It sucks that someone dies because someone is late for class or work and runs a red light while speeding or is drunk. People are taught from day one to obey traffic laws. Most do obey them but others don't obey laws until they are put on deferred adjudication for several tickets. They still don't care about other drivers, just their own pocket books getting fined due to hazardous driving violations.

Every profession has their undesirable members from priests to doctors to motorcycle magazine editors. I don't say they all suck and were schoolyard bullies needing power fixes. I've ticketed other cops and arrested other cops. If you screw up good enough then you'll pay the tax no matter who you are.

If you are mistreated during an incident with an officer then file a complaint and see it through. Don't whine and cry saying what you should have done. By bringing your complaint to the right authorities, you are strengthening their case to fire the turd they are probably tired of dealing with as well. In most larger cities it takes an act of congress to get rid of an unwanted employee.

Sorry for venting but in short, please don't let a few bad apples ruin the barrel. I could go on and on but I'll wait to respond to the irate replies.
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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

My bet is it had nothing to do with what the doc was driving and more to do with his attitude. Reading the article, the doc didn't pull over for the lights & siren right away and it sounds like he didn't want to hand over his license, either. If he'd been a little more cooperative, he'd probably have been on his way. Sounds like a pissin contest between him & the cop. The cop got the last word at the scene, and the doc got the last word, period.

I know most of the posters here seem to hate the cops, but I can't stand doctors. They're pricks who think they deserve special privileges in life, even when they're not on going to an emergency.

Most licenses don't identify folks by profession, so the cop was right to check his story.
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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

Reading all these posts from fellow riders who've had bad experiences with cops... I don't usually post myself, but I've got to let you guys know about what happened to me and a buddy of mine just last Saturday.

Just hooked up with another rider who was new to Los Angeles, and was looking to try out some of our famous riding. I took him up Angeles Crest, and showed him some of our favorite stretches. I ride a Tuono, he's on a R1.

After showing him upper big T and Angeles Forest Highway, I took him out Mt. Emma road, to a spot where my buddies and I love to do speed runs. I'm not about maxing out a sportbike left and right on public roads, but in the right time and place... We all like to have a little fun. This stretch of road is one of those spots. A mile long, straight as as arrow, perfect visibility, plenty of run off, no side streets, little traffic... So we went for it! Throttles pinned, chest to the tank, I ripped it up through the gears with my buddy hot on my tail. Having a blast, with the world roaring by, hanging on for dear life... and then my radar detector lit up, and a split second later the Sheriff's cruiser came into view a quarter mile ahead. (road rises slightly, then drops down again). Fu%K! Hard on the brakes... my buddy behind doesn't register what's happening, pulls out and passes me, right in front of the sheriff, at well into triple digit speeds. For a split second, thought about running, but the sheriff had us, fair and square, and we were out in the open, no twisties. The sheriff pulls a U turn, and we putt along doing out best law abiding biker impressions. Eventually the sheriff catches up, blips the lights, and we pul over, me kissing my bike goodbye. The sheriff gets out of his car, walks up to me, and asks that classic question...."Do you know how fast you were going?" I answered as honestly as I could- "No sir, I usually don't look down when I'm going that fast." He replied, almost chuckling, "I clocked you at 137mph." My stomach's in my shoes. It's over. "Let me see your license". I hand it over... Dread. Goodbye Tuono. Hello Jail Cell. The sheriff, looking at my license, shakes his head and says "I can't believe you guys didn't run." He hands my license back to me. "Here you go. Get out of here."


I'm Stunned.

I stammer out a PROFUSE thank you, put my helmet back on, and ride off.

Not ALL cops are A$$holes.

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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

Would agree with most of the above... except generalizations. Not all cops are hated, not all doctors are pricks. And, for unclear reasons, cops are sympathetic to docs, so the gynecologist probably showed more attitude than situation required.
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Default Re: Crazy traffic stop

Welcmome to the First Post Club.
President, First Post Club.
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