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Default Re: MO Stupidity: Caught on Tape

MO, whats up? I agree everyone can't and won't go to the racetrack to do wheelies, stoppies and burnouts, lets at least try not to do them on a BUSY street with cars and probably pedestrians on both sides. This kinda crap is what brands us all dumb asses. Fortunately, I am not a complete dumb ass and when I want to get a little squirly on my bike, I go for a ride, out of congested areas (read countryside, warehouse distric on weekends, etc.)and perform all my coolest stunts without endangering anyone but me. That's my right. When you morons pull this and endanger/scare the non-motorcycling public you give us all a bad name. I can hear it now, "well dude, we are really great riders and blah blah blah". I say . Let's all raise hell on our bikes and enjoy their performance, but not on busy streets. Comprende?
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Default Believe it or not, I agree...

I agree, that doing such things in traffic, or residential areas is bad. I was not condoning stand up wheelies on busy roads, just stating that people attacking MO because they choose to, is silly. In their defense, the road was hardly busy. I know people can jump out, pull out, etc, but everything we do in life is done in our own perception and done at our own indescretion. I think that the situation of this video, it was pretty safe for the most part. He did not pass a car while wheeling, and he was away from the lane that people would be pulling into (if not cutting across two, won't deny people do that).

To each his own.

Rob Nance
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Default Re: GSX-R1000 Stupidity: Caught on Tape

Nice wheelie! While I enjoy whatching things like that, for Minime and all the squids there are a few things to remember, however:

1) The general public, seeing this kind of thing, thinks we're ALL assh*les.

2) You will get no sympathy if you become a hood ornament, even if somebody completely violates your right of way. Even the cop writing the report will make it out to be your fault.

3) And most important, be careful! Because, and I'm not alone in this; if someone pulling a stunt like this would ever hurt/kill my children or wife, regardless of the injuries he recieved in the accident, I'd dedicate the rest of my life to make sure he spent the rest of his life, blind, a quadrapelegic, and with a wetnurse wiping his ass. So, be careful. You might end up making a life-changing mistake. Other than than, have fun, and keep the shiny side up.
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Default Re: GSX-R1000 Stupidity: Caught on Tape

>>We'll see how boring YOUR life is when you're not allowed to buy anything over 60 HP because of crap like this. <<

Fine with me... my CR-500 Super Motard has right around 60 H.P. does fantastic wheelies, stoppies, burnouts and sideways corner entries and exits. I try to be an upstanding and responsible citizen, but sometimes I slip and become a laying down irresponsible hooligan... Whee this sure is fun. Guess what folks, these are motorcycles. "We" buy them to enjoy, (Whether that be cruising your 700LB Hog to the next bar or railing your R-6 through turn 8 at Willow) Sometimes "we" all get together and do the Ride for Kids to raise money for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Sometimes the enjoyment is totally irresponsible. Sometimes "we" make mistakes and display our irresponsibility to others thus setting a bad example and besmirching the reputation of "our" brothers and sisters. DEAL WITH IT! Alas, there is no magic "Get Outta Jail Free" card, no "Bring that Pedestrian Back to Life" card. As with gun ownership, or driving a 5,000LB SUV while drinking a latte and chatting with our tarot card reader, "we" must pay the price if our stupidity injures ourselves or others. Freedom is a two edged sword, "we" have the freedom to choose to do these things, and the obligation to pay the price, if we screw it up.
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Default Re: That

I've been registered for a few months now (did it shortly after they started), and I haven't gotten any new MC related (or other) junk mail that can be attributed to this.

You have a valid point, regarding the cookies and being on several different machines.

But I think the primary reason for the registration was to provide some sense of community, especially in the feedback posts. If more people would register, and other users had some way to know who you are and contact you, there would be less of this useless bickering, and more constructive discussions. (If you click a user MO will try to send that person and email for you, so you two can make contact.)

I agree that MO should not require you to register to view content (they don't know). But in the future, certain premium services may only be available to registered users. And if it helps MO stay in business, I think people should register.
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Default Re: GSX-R1000 Stupidity: Caught on Tape

I agree with everything you say. I myself indulge in the occaisional wheelie or rear-wheel drift coming out of a corner, or winding up through the gears for the sheer joy of it. I like going what I think is fast in the twisties. (If I could do stoppies, I'd proably throw in one of those every once in a while.)

When it's a one-on-one issue of personal responsibility, no prob. If I run on one wheel through an intersection I thought was empty and end up with a reckless driving ticket, nobody to blame but myself, and really, nobody hurt but myself.

MO, however, is a widely-read motorcycling publication. They're in a position to set an example, and whether they want it or not, recognize it or not, or agree with it or not, they represent our sport to a lot of people. A movie of a MO staffer doing a wheelie on public streets and the MO staff smirking and giggling about it is what will make the mainstream non-motorcycling press and what will be presented in the court of public opinion when our case is up.

All I'm saying is this: MO is in a position to play a role in shaping the reputation of our sport for a lot of people. I wish they would do that in a positive way-- and that doesn't mean a boring or even PC way. It would have been better if they'd used a big empty parking lot. They are professional journalists, and I wish they'd show a little more discretion sometimes, that's all.

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Default dvd steering wheel theatre

Testify anon squid!

Enough distractions can be found in the world outside the car/suv/lumberbarge to make driving a challenge.. how the hell do these things make it to the market when all they do is separate the driver from his environment?

My dumbass brother in law blames motorcycles (death cycles as he calls them) for high medicare premiums. He can't see that the Ford Exclusiversion/Exhibition he's driving is more the problem than we "innocent victim" motorcyclists.. (with the exception of wheelie mokeys ruining it for the rest of us). I propose all the electronics obsessed auto owners ride in the same traffic they negotiate while eating wendy's/watching jurassic park/talking to their lawyer/yelling at the kids, on the back of a motorcycle one day, so they can witness just what a mess they're making of our "safe" freewways that mororcyclists are "ruining"

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Default Re: Spirit of the Web

There won't be much MO spirit on the web if people don't start registering. Sounds like you've been online quite a while, as have I, and it's not what it used to be. Sad, but true. (Long live archie!)

In return for registering, you get free access to MO. I think it's a fair trade-off, and as we ease registration in, more and more features will be off limits to non-registered users.

You bring up some other interesting points: Our cookie is set for 10 years, the max allowed in the spec.

We don't use slashcode. We use persistent PHP4 connections to replicated, load-balanced MySQL servers. Media Metrix tells us we're the same size as slashdot, and it's not slow now.

And yes, we're highly aware that by (albiet gradually) forcing registration, we'll lose about 7% of our die-hard readers. But with extended services (like chat and all the other neat stuff coming up) we're seeing growth rates much higher than that, and pages-per-unique-user are going way up, too. And with registration comes targeted advertising displays -- you're going to get ads @MO anyway, might as well be transparently adaptive to what you like. So for us it's an easy choice between dropping the old gaurd and bringing in the new.
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Default Re: GSX-R1000 Stupidity: Caught on Tape

I don't know of anyone sponsoring track days that will let you wheelie around either...
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Default Re: Paranoid (justifiably?!?!?)

Sorry to correct you Tom ..

but it's the [b]Socialist Republic of California

You have to be careful or they'll ban you too.

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